October 1, 2019

Watch (& Draw) in Horror.....PART II!!

My favorite sights, smells & sounds have returned as we enter the spookiest, greatest month EVER!
Not only does October bring the horror masks, terrifying decorations & delicious candy, but it also brings an artistic challenge that been around for many years...."INKTOBER." Yes, the drawing challenge where you follow a prompt for everyday of October & create 31 drawings following those monstrous ideas. Some of you may remember I created my own list year where I watch, the DRAW, 31 different horror films throughout the month. Here was last years's list:

I've decided to once again balance more work on my head this year & create Watch (& Draw) in Horror.....PART II!:

I've already started this list & I'm ridiculously excited to see what comes from these movies. Be sure to give me a follow on InstagramTwitter &/or Facebook to check out all my drawings & if you're planning on participating (PLEASE DO!!!!), be sure to tag all your work with the #DrawInHorror hashtag so we can search & share all YOUR amazing art!
Alright, friends...feel free to share this list with all YOUR friends & let's inspire eachother! Enjoy this magical time of the year & STAY CREATIVE!