September 5, 2018


I know I've been SUPER silent on my page, but as mentioned in the post before this one, I'm active & post regularly on my Patreon page. Please check it out if you haven't already & consider going my Art Family there!
That being said, I had to share this post with you to hopefully get it in front of more eyeballs for the upcoming Holiday season...:

October is just a few weeks away!!! Can you believe it?! It's almost here already & we're currently thick in the best part of October/Halloween...the BUILD UP!
I'm sure the majority of you know about a little thing called "Inktober" during October. It's basically a sketch challenge which was created back in 2009 where you draw something every day of the spooky month by following a certain word or theme. A few of you have joined me in this challenge the past few years & it's a wonderful way to stay active creatively while also enjoy the Holiday season! I've decided to be a little ambitious this year & create my own "Inktober Challenge" & I really hope you ALL will join me in this!
The regular Inktober list contains words like "Spell", "Creepy", "Spider"...things like that which can conjure up a broad array of images & leaves a lot of fun possibilities for the artists. I've decided to be more specific with my selections & am going simply with genre movies we all love & usually revisit this time of year.
 The actual challenge to my "WATCH (& DRAW) IN HORROR" list is to watch those movies on the days listed & draw anything from those films! I know it's nearly impossible to consistently watch AND draw these films everyday, but I know we can at least SKETCH something from the list everyday! So that's the challenge! We'll be kicking off the first of October with Hitchcock's classic, PSYCHO & ending the perfect month with my favorite & yearly tradition on Halloween, TRICK 'R TREAT. I really hope that some of you will attempt this challenge & please certainly don't feel pressured to do it everyday! I know how overwhelming that can be.. Pick a few of your favorites or just sketch whenever inspiration hits! If you're already committed to another Inktober list out there, no worries! it! I just wanted to provide another option to hopefully inspire horror fiends like us! :)
Please feel free to save the above image of the list & share it whenever & wherever you want! Please always include the official hashtag #DrawInHorror with all posts though, so we can see ALL the submissions! I'm really looking forward to seeing (& sharing) your art for this!!
I plan on doing most of these sketches LIVE during my Live Art Streams on Patreon. So if you're interested in joining me during these streams to chat & even draw along, please visit my Patreon page & join the amazing, growing art community there!

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