February 6, 2018


TODAY (Feb. 6, 2018) marks the worldwide release of VICTOR CROWLEY, Adam Green's FOURTH installment in the HATCHET series on VOD, DVD & Blu-ray! I was lucky enough to design & illustrate the official poster for Adam's DISMEMBER AMERICA TOUR 2017 where he took his film to over 30 cities late last year. Now, I'm offering this exclusive print to YOU, the Hatchet Army, in even MORE limited fashion!
This 16" x 20", full color, lithograph print is printed using archival inks & comes with a 2" HAND DRAWN "CROWLEY" seal LIMITED TO ONLY 10!
Each one-of-a-kind seal is carefully adhered to the print in the lower right corner & hand signed by me in silver. All TEN prints will have it's own unique, illustrated seal featuring a portrait of Victor Crowley, so they will all be different. Sorry, no requests for the original art.
Grab one before they're gone FOREVER at codyschibi.bigcartel.com!
THEN, head to ArieScope.com & pick up the DVD/Blu of VICTOR CROWLEY along with other HATCHET goodies...
& finally....STAY OUT OF THE SWAMP!!!

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