February 4, 2018

VD cards?!?!

Valentine’s Day cards?!...GROSS!
I know, I know....this ridiculous "Holiday" that's only about marketing & making money is a silly one...I know. But if you ARE going to get something special for that special someone, why not some silly art?! I'm offering five of my "lovely" designs in high quality, 5"x7" greeting card format to "WOW" the one(s) you love. 

They are ALL blank inside with plenty of room to write that sappy poem. 
They ALL come in a "1980's Sexy Saxophone Red" envelope to further show your love. 

They ALL come signed by me w/ love in true Hallmark fashion on the back.

Designs include:

XenAMOUR - nothing shows LOVE more than two aliens swapping acid! 
Lovesick - rainbow vomit makes EVERYONE happy the studies show. 
evilove - giant, horned creatures being shy behind a cyclops heart?...THAT shows love. 
Ugly Love - Hey...sometimes it's ugly. This heart-thing is a physical form of that. 
Birdman Loves You - adorable, cute & colorful...just like the way love makes you feel.
All sold separately or as a complete set. Head to codyschibi.bigcartel.com

Thanks, friends & oh yeah.... I LOVE YOU!!
❤️ #Gross

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