February 18, 2018

I'm on Patreon, friends!

Yep, I made the jump to Patreon with the recommendation & guidance of a few friends. If you're unfamiliar with Patreon, it's a membership platform that provides business tools for creators like me to run a subscription content service. It's also a way for me to build relationships & provide exclusive art & experiences for my subscribers there, or "patrons" as they're called on Patreon.
So yeah, I'll be most active there from here on out posting regularly & interacting with all my patrons daily.  I can share everything I'm offering on my Patreon page here, but it would be easier for you to simply head to my page & check it out. I have a lot of tiers & subscription levels which offer different things from process videos, live art streams & original art. Again, go check it out & I would TRULY love your support on this adventure. ALL my patrons will be included in almost everything I create from here on out which is super exciting for me to build an "Art Family" there.
Here's my awkward Patreon intro/info video I did as well with a few focal points:

Thank you so much for reading this & even considering pledging to a freelance artist like myself. I really hope to see you over there where we can hang out virtually a lot more! You rock & I love you!

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