February 18, 2018

I'm on Patreon, friends!

Yep, I made the jump to Patreon with the recommendation & guidance of a few friends. If you're unfamiliar with Patreon, it's a membership platform that provides business tools for creators like me to run a subscription content service. It's also a way for me to build relationships & provide exclusive art & experiences for my subscribers there, or "patrons" as they're called on Patreon.
So yeah, I'll be most active there from here on out posting regularly & interacting with all my patrons daily.  I can share everything I'm offering on my Patreon page here, but it would be easier for you to simply head to my page & check it out. I have a lot of tiers & subscription levels which offer different things from process videos, live art streams & original art. Again, go check it out & I would TRULY love your support on this adventure. ALL my patrons will be included in almost everything I create from here on out which is super exciting for me to build an "Art Family" there.
Here's my awkward Patreon intro/info video I did as well with a few focal points:

Thank you so much for reading this & even considering pledging to a freelance artist like myself. I really hope to see you over there where we can hang out virtually a lot more! You rock & I love you!

February 6, 2018


TODAY (Feb. 6, 2018) marks the worldwide release of VICTOR CROWLEY, Adam Green's FOURTH installment in the HATCHET series on VOD, DVD & Blu-ray! I was lucky enough to design & illustrate the official poster for Adam's DISMEMBER AMERICA TOUR 2017 where he took his film to over 30 cities late last year. Now, I'm offering this exclusive print to YOU, the Hatchet Army, in even MORE limited fashion!
This 16" x 20", full color, lithograph print is printed using archival inks & comes with a 2" HAND DRAWN "CROWLEY" seal LIMITED TO ONLY 10!
Each one-of-a-kind seal is carefully adhered to the print in the lower right corner & hand signed by me in silver. All TEN prints will have it's own unique, illustrated seal featuring a portrait of Victor Crowley, so they will all be different. Sorry, no requests for the original art.
Grab one before they're gone FOREVER at codyschibi.bigcartel.com!
THEN, head to ArieScope.com & pick up the DVD/Blu of VICTOR CROWLEY along with other HATCHET goodies...
& finally....STAY OUT OF THE SWAMP!!!

February 4, 2018

VD cards?!?!

Valentine’s Day cards?!...GROSS!
I know, I know....this ridiculous "Holiday" that's only about marketing & making money is a silly one...I know. But if you ARE going to get something special for that special someone, why not some silly art?! I'm offering five of my "lovely" designs in high quality, 5"x7" greeting card format to "WOW" the one(s) you love. 

They are ALL blank inside with plenty of room to write that sappy poem. 
They ALL come in a "1980's Sexy Saxophone Red" envelope to further show your love. 

They ALL come signed by me w/ love in true Hallmark fashion on the back.

Designs include:

XenAMOUR - nothing shows LOVE more than two aliens swapping acid! 
Lovesick - rainbow vomit makes EVERYONE happy the studies show. 
evilove - giant, horned creatures being shy behind a cyclops heart?...THAT shows love. 
Ugly Love - Hey...sometimes it's ugly. This heart-thing is a physical form of that. 
Birdman Loves You - adorable, cute & colorful...just like the way love makes you feel.
All sold separately or as a complete set. Head to codyschibi.bigcartel.com

Thanks, friends & oh yeah.... I LOVE YOU!!
❤️ #Gross