June 12, 2017


An Australian distributor just rereleased Trey Parker & Matt Stone's first film, CANNIBAL! THE MUSICAL on DVD, using my art as the cover art. This artwork was initially done as an official screen print for a TROMA screening of the film here in Austin. I'm pumped that they approached me to use this design for their cover as I've been a big fan of this ridiculous, gory musical since i first laid eyes on it!
Now's your chance to pick this hilarious film up on DVD (there's been no blu ray release of this yet...so this will have to work! ;), which is available in my online store NOW! Don't worry friends, this is an ALL REGION dvd, so it'll play on any dvd/blu ray player.
DVD cover comes signed by ME!...YEAH! You can also get your very own personal sketch on the inside of the cover for additional $10 if you want...SHPADOINKLE!!!!! (no requests please...it'll be whatever my brain thinks up)
Thanks, friends! Noooooooooow "LET'S BUILD A SNOWMAN!!"

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