April 27, 2017

Where Nightmares Come True!

HAPPY (halfway point til) HALLOWEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!
Yep, we're exactly at the halfway point until the greatest holiday slaps us in the face with splendid visuals, sounds, smells AND tastes, so to celebrate this milestone & to make us fans even more excited about Halloween, I've decided to release a super duper, limited edition print!
I took TWO things that make giddy people like me silly happy & combined them to hopefully make YOU silly happier! I'm, of course, talking about anything Disney & a certain (now iconic) character which represents Halloween perfectly....
Where Nightmares Come True:
That's right!, featured in that famous silhouette of high-pitched happiness, Mickey Mouse, is non other than SAM from 'TRICK 'r Treat', the protector of Halloween who's always wearing his nightmarish grin which, in return, makes US grin nightmarishly!
This is a SUPER limited edition, 8"x 8" art print, limited to ONLY 31 (HEY! That's the number of days in October!!) & they're ONLY $13 (THAT'S the number of days in October REVERSED!!!!) They all come hand signed & numbered and they can't wait to hang on your wall to remind you of the joy that Halloween will soon bring. AND, those that order the print within the first 24 hours will also be getting a special treat sent along with their print! You're gonna have to order to see what it is, so be sure to head to my online store NOW to grab one of these adorable prints before they're gone FOREVER!
Okay, you tricksters, back to staring at the Halloween countdown clock! Also, a quick reminder that I'll be at Comicpalooza in Houston in a few weeks & will have some newer goodies to share, but more info on that soon....just save the dates: May 12-14th. Thanksssssss. & again:
HAPPY (halfway point til) HALLOWEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!

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