February 20, 2017

Spreading Some Love....

A few days ago there was big storm that hit LA & dumped millions of gallons of water in that area. A lot of places were effected by this giant blob on the radar & one of those special places was ArieScope Studios. ArieScope was created by friend, Adam Green, & has brought you awesome films such as the Hatchet series, Digging Up the Marrow, Frozen, Holliston along with many other killer films, shorts & the weekly, FREE podcast, The Movie Crypt. Unfortunately, the studio was hit hard & flooded causing water damage to the building as well as important, irreplaceable items. They're currently taking donations & of course offering their movies, comics, shirts, etc. to raise funds to help clean up & repair ArieScope. 
I've done some art for Adam in the past & I'm also trying to raise some funds on my part to donate to him during this trying time. I completed a live art broadcast over on Periscope today where I painted & sold this portrait of Victor Crowley & ALL the sales will be donated to Ariescope:

I'm also donating the majority of sale of ALL these items available in my online store NOW:


Please pick something up from my store or the ArieScope store as it's needed more than ever so Adam & all of ArieScope can continue to give us the endless amount of entertainment they've already created & NEED to create in the future.
Thanks for your consideration & please do share & help spread the word on this...

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