December 8, 2017

Another joins the ranks...

To celebrate the theatrical rerelease of GREMLINS today, one of the coolest Christmas films out there, STRIPE joins the ranks of my ever growing Monster MugShots!
This menacing fellow is available NOW in my online shop along with the other 15 crazies who have wrecked havoc on the silver screen. Head to now to add him to your collection or start your Monster MugShot collection TODAY! Just remember the three important rules....

October 19, 2017


I'm SUPER excited to reveal the exclusive print I did for VICTOR CROWLEY: Dismember America Tour 2017!
Director Adam Green contacted me to come up with a image for his newest Hatchet film, which he's taking on tour to screen at select theaters. This 16x20 lithograph art print will be available at all screening that Adam is at (dates here), where he'll sign & personalize. You DO need a VIP ticket to the film to get this special print though! You can head to & get all the ticket info & links there... if VICTOR CROWLEY comes anywhere near your city, RUN!!!! go see it!!

September 24, 2017


We're exactly one week away from October, so I created a fun print you can pull out every year to help build up that excitement &, most importantly, keep your EYE on the prize of that magically spooky payoff that's HALLOWEEN!
This 11x17 October calendar comes with an EYEBALL tracker (magnet & sticky back) that you'll move closer & closer to the big day! These prints will be signed/numbered limited to only 31 & will be available in my online store TONIGHT AT 10:31pm(CST) for only $25. Head to for all the info...

Set your timer, boils & ghouls & let's make this upcoming October THE BEST ONE YET!

June 12, 2017


An Australian distributor just rereleased Trey Parker & Matt Stone's first film, CANNIBAL! THE MUSICAL on DVD, using my art as the cover art. This artwork was initially done as an official screen print for a TROMA screening of the film here in Austin. I'm pumped that they approached me to use this design for their cover as I've been a big fan of this ridiculous, gory musical since i first laid eyes on it!
Now's your chance to pick this hilarious film up on DVD (there's been no blu ray release of this this will have to work! ;), which is available in my online store NOW! Don't worry friends, this is an ALL REGION dvd, so it'll play on any dvd/blu ray player.
DVD cover comes signed by ME!...YEAH! You can also get your very own personal sketch on the inside of the cover for additional $10 if you want...SHPADOINKLE!!!!! (no requests'll be whatever my brain thinks up)
Thanks, friends! Noooooooooow "LET'S BUILD A SNOWMAN!!"

May 25, 2017


Hey, friends! So COMICPALOOZA in Houston was amazing & life long memories were definitely made (meeting the man of my dreams, ROBERT ENGLUND!!!! being a highlight!):

but now back to work! I just wanted to let you know that I just added my MONSTERS OF THE UNIVERSE prints to my online store & they're waiting for you to add them to your universe!

You can grab the whole set at a discounted price or pick them up individually!

I also added  my 'IT Smiles' print & 'Man of Your Dreams' print to the shop, so head over & pick one up if you like:

Thanks for your continued support, amigooooooos!

April 27, 2017

Where Nightmares Come True!

HAPPY (halfway point til) HALLOWEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!
Yep, we're exactly at the halfway point until the greatest holiday slaps us in the face with splendid visuals, sounds, smells AND tastes, so to celebrate this milestone & to make us fans even more excited about Halloween, I've decided to release a super duper, limited edition print!
I took TWO things that make giddy people like me silly happy & combined them to hopefully make YOU silly happier! I'm, of course, talking about anything Disney & a certain (now iconic) character which represents Halloween perfectly....
Where Nightmares Come True:
That's right!, featured in that famous silhouette of high-pitched happiness, Mickey Mouse, is non other than SAM from 'TRICK 'r Treat', the protector of Halloween who's always wearing his nightmarish grin which, in return, makes US grin nightmarishly!
This is a SUPER limited edition, 8"x 8" art print, limited to ONLY 31 (HEY! That's the number of days in October!!) & they're ONLY $13 (THAT'S the number of days in October REVERSED!!!!) They all come hand signed & numbered and they can't wait to hang on your wall to remind you of the joy that Halloween will soon bring. AND, those that order the print within the first 24 hours will also be getting a special treat sent along with their print! You're gonna have to order to see what it is, so be sure to head to my online store NOW to grab one of these adorable prints before they're gone FOREVER!
Okay, you tricksters, back to staring at the Halloween countdown clock! Also, a quick reminder that I'll be at Comicpalooza in Houston in a few weeks & will have some newer goodies to share, but more info on that soon....just save the dates: May 12-14th. Thanksssssss. & again:
HAPPY (halfway point til) HALLOWEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!

February 20, 2017

Spreading Some Love....

A few days ago there was big storm that hit LA & dumped millions of gallons of water in that area. A lot of places were effected by this giant blob on the radar & one of those special places was ArieScope Studios. ArieScope was created by friend, Adam Green, & has brought you awesome films such as the Hatchet series, Digging Up the Marrow, Frozen, Holliston along with many other killer films, shorts & the weekly, FREE podcast, The Movie Crypt. Unfortunately, the studio was hit hard & flooded causing water damage to the building as well as important, irreplaceable items. They're currently taking donations & of course offering their movies, comics, shirts, etc. to raise funds to help clean up & repair ArieScope. 
I've done some art for Adam in the past & I'm also trying to raise some funds on my part to donate to him during this trying time. I completed a live art broadcast over on Periscope today where I painted & sold this portrait of Victor Crowley & ALL the sales will be donated to Ariescope:

I'm also donating the majority of sale of ALL these items available in my online store NOW:


Please pick something up from my store or the ArieScope store as it's needed more than ever so Adam & all of ArieScope can continue to give us the endless amount of entertainment they've already created & NEED to create in the future.
Thanks for your consideration & please do share & help spread the word on this...

January 26, 2017

someTHING is HERE!

I's got's someTHING important to tell you guys.....THIS!!!:

That's right, this cute, little booger is my contribution to the upcoming THE THING ARTBOOK from Printed in Blood; an amazing book featuring HUNDREDS of ridiculously rad artists from around the world. The pages will be filled with each artist's interpretation from ANY image, idea or slithering alien from the greatest movie of ALL TIME, John Carpenter's THE THING.
You can head over to my online shop now & put this handsome fellow in a frame & slap it on your wall where you can stare at each other for eternity! Who knows?!...this cute print may even imitate YOUR body & zip to another planet! That means this piece of art might allow you to travel the universe!!!!! NOT A BAD DEAL AT ALL!
Speaking of "imitating", like the real THING, this print is "imitated" in FOUR different colorways & are limited to only 40 EACH! Choose your color(s) wisely as you'll be stuck with it for the rest of your days on this planet.
The original linework is also available in my online store for you hardcore art collectors out there who want that one of a kind piece!
Thanks, friends!