December 15, 2016


Happy Holidays, everyone!
It's that jolly time of year to get wrapped up in the soothing Xmas melodies from Johnny Mathis & the great, Bing Crosby, while sipping a warm concoction by the fire with your favorite Holiday movie on in the background. I know we all enjoy the classics like Christmas Vacation & A Christmas Story, as well as my annual weeping like a fresh baby while watching A Family Stone, but the Christmas time HORROR classics are always present & sliding down the chimney onto that flat screen in my living room. Classics such as A Black Christmas (1974), Christmas Evil & even last year's, instant classic, Krampus! The fellow, true, horror fans are already shaking their fists in the air since I didn't list one of THE GREATEST Christmas, horror films on that list, but shake not, my demented elves, as lovable, Billy Chapman is up front in this post & ready to come visit YOUR house!
That's right, SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT made it's way onto the big screen just over 32 years ago & it's cult following has made it what it is today! That & the unbelievably OUTSTANDING performance from Billy Chapman's grandfather in the film! So this holiday season I felt it was only right & natural to release (or incarcerate) my newest Monster MugShot: BILLY CHAPMAN!!!

He's available NOW in my online store in both "Trading Card" size & the 8x10 print alongside the other 14 characters in my ongoing series. Another character (which I released last year around this time) is also perfect for this December weather: KRAMPUS.
& please don't forget my "Holiday Horrors Meet" print that has been making it's virtual tour of the interwebs recently thanks to all your sharing including THIS amazing article at which connects Mike Dougherty's two films, TRICK 'R TREAT with KRAMPUS.
So again, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, everyone & please take a moment to visit my store & see if there's any goodies that you &/or a loved one deserve! Also, give me a follow on Instagram to check out new art & specials/giveaways now & then...
Enjoy these last few days of a trying year & let's ring in 2017 with smiles & high fives!!!