November 25, 2016


So I'm a little late sharing this info on my blog, but at least i'm not TOO late!
There's a special band that I've been allowing into my earholes for many, many years now & they're putting together something exciting. What's even MORE exciting is that they have included ME in their newest adventure! The name of this band is GWAR & their newest adventure is COMIC BOOKS! Even though they have published some comics waaaay back in the day, this newest project is much more organized & super rad. 
They currently have a Kickstarter going for their comic, which at this time has been funded, but there's a few more hours to pledge & get some amazing goodies for yourself or that loved one! Some of the goodies include a variant cover which they asked me to do for their first issue pictured here:

AND I've also offered up TEN custom, 5x7, watercolor/ink commissions (which comes with the first issue as well!) & as I type this there are ONLY THREE LEFT!

So please head over to NOW to check out what they have to offer & be a part of this special book filled with blood & other bodily fluids!!
If you don't have the funds to pledge anything at this moment, spreading the word is a MASSIVE way to show your support & is truly, truly appreciated by all of us involved!
Thanks for taking the time to read through this & THANK YOU for your continued support!

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