May 30, 2016

X Marks the spot...

Most of you should be aware of a little event called "X GAMES". No, it's not when members of the X-MEN get together for friendly forms of competition, but rather the greatest skateboarders, bike riders & hi fivers get together for a few days to show off their highest jump, craziest tricks &/or loudest hi five! THAT X Games is once again making it's way to Austin THIS WEEKEND!! Not only will it be wowing you with it's high flying antics, but there's a few special events happening alongside X Games that I'm super pumped to be a part of! The first is just like a "Secret" show I was a part of only a few weeks ago in Houston... Yep, SECRET WALLS x X GAMES is coming at ya!!
I'll be competing again in a timed, 90-minute, live art battle using only black & white paint....THAT'S XTREME! I've been paired up with local friends & artists Jason Eatherly, Roshi K & Wade Thompson to form the 4-person group of "Team Texas" to represent the hometown of Austin against "Team World". "World" consists of heavy hitting art MONSTERS Greg Mike, Brian Butler, Paul Jackson & Matt Gondek. Definitely seek out their art if you're unfamiliar with it as it's all magical stuff! We're due for an epic battle of XTREME scale as each team tackles a massive 26' x 8' blank wall in only 90 minutes! The battle will be held during X Games at the Circuit Of Americas THIS Friday, June 3rd from 6-8pm. It'll be hosted by Nick Major with live DJ grooves from Klever. I truly hope you can make it out to this spectacle as the audience determines the winner with their screams & yells, so come & "root, root, root for the hooooooome teeeeeeeeam!"
If you happen to have a weekend pass for X Games or plan on being on the closing day of Sunday, I'll also be there doing some LIVE painting for one of the giant sponsors there, LifeProof.  I'll be painting the front & back of large, 3'x 6' "Phone cover" which  I hope you come see me do! You can even point & laugh if you want!
So yeah, I'll be at X Games slinging paint those two days & I really hope to see your xtreme faces there which would make me xtremely happy. I wanted to give another reminder that I'll be at Comicaplooza in Houston June 17-19th, but I'll remind you once more the closer it gets. Reminding is FUN!
Thanks again, friends...see you this weekend!

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