May 4, 2016

Join Ussssssss....

I'm hoping most of you are familiar with a little podcast known as THE MOVIE CRYPT. It's an amazing show over at Geek Nation hosted by friends & filmmakers Adam Green (Hatchet, Holliston, Frozen, Digging Up the Marrow, etc) & Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2, Everly, Chillerama, Knights of Badaqssdom, etc). They have special guests who have all worked in film in one way or another & offers an educational, & often very emotional, look in the belly of the beast that is the World of Film. It's easily one of my favorite podcasts & has become a Monday ritual when new episodes are posted at
I've done some work w/ both Adam & Joe in the past, including THIS now sold out shirt design for their hilariously touching tv series, HOLLISTON (season three in the works!!):
A limited edition screenprint for their double feature of Digging Up the Marrow/Everly & LIVE podcast recording at the Alamo Drafthouse (available HERE for ONLY $10!):
& of course, just fan art because they rule!:
NOW, here's something NEW that you guys can wrap your torso in all the while supporting this fine podcast. Adam came to me with a rough design & I simply polished it off where it's now presented in all it's adorably, dark glory.... CULT OF ARWEN!
Arwen is the third (& most popular:) member of The Movie Crypt & her ridiculously cute bark which accompanies the claps that welcomes all guests to the show is music to my earholes. Now you can proudly parade around town with Arwen tattooed on your chest while advertising your devotion & membership to the cutest cult on this planet & beyond...the CULT OF ARWEN! 
Printed in blood red on a super soft, black tee (because seriously...what cult member would ever wear anything BUT black?!), the front has Arwen smack dab in the middle of an upside-down Christmas tree topper surrounded by the words: "CULT OF ARWEN / JOIN US. WE HAVE TREATS.":
 The back of the shirt features the same beautiful black the front offers with the red words: "LISTEN TO THE MOVIE CRYPT" printed on it as well:
These body huggers are available NOW for a special, limited preorder price of $20, so act fast in snatching one up! There are also a plethora of other goodies (including NEW, super RAD 'Hatchet' & 'Holliston' hoodies) at the Ariescope store, so take a moment to look around & throw a few things in your cart. After you check out with the high-fiving satisfaction of supporting Ariescope Pictures, make sure you're all caught up with The Movie Crypt & all the awesome, FREE short films & series that they also offer for your entertainment.
Thank you, friends for taking the time to read this & for your continued I'm gonna go sacrifice a milk bone to my doggie.

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