April 28, 2016


Local badasses, Bumperactive, have been lovingly supporting artists for years now. They've also started offering LIVE shirt printing at conventions & truly take care of who they're representing & the quality of product they put out.  So, it's exciting to announce that they're now rocking some of my designs in their online storefront! That's right, you can now wrap your torso in super soft, sexy shirt material with THESE two images on your chest:
My 'KRANG' & 'LOVESICK' designs are ready to be close to your heart, so head to the Bumperactive online store & pick them up! I'm also pumped to say that new designs will be making their way into the shop soon,  so continue to check back to expand your wardrobe!
& if you're considering printing your very own shirts, stickers & whatever else you can think of, contact Bumperactive & know you'll get awesome service & products!

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