April 26, 2016

4.26 - ALIEN DAY!....AND KRAMPUS!!!!

Bust out the balloons & noisemakers, my fellow scifi/horor freaks, for today is a holiday!
That's right, April 26th, or 4.26 has been labeled "ALIEN DAY" by us fans & it's global spread is being felt RIGHT NOW as you read this boring post. Let me give you on a very quick, nerdy tutorial on what exactly "4.26" is & why we're even celebrating it:

"LV-426 is one of three known moons orbiting Calpamos in the Zeta Reticuli system, 39 light years away from Earth. It was first detected by Weyland Corp astronomers on May 14, 2039. The moon's common name of "Acheron" was given by it's early human colonists (USCSS Nostromo) who settled there in 2122. LV-426 has no indigenous life forms & it is not the Xenomorph homeworld; it was simply a planet which an Engineer ship, containing Xenomorph eggs & possibly live subjects as well, crash-landed. According to Weyland-Yutain surveys, LV-426 was simply a dead rock..."

If any of this immediately makes sense to you, then we can be geeky super friends! If this is all foreign, mumbo jumbo to you, it's alright, we can still be friends..as long as you educate yourself on this material right NOW! All of that jargon above is information from a brilliant franchise that has stood the test of time & continues to be simply AWESOME! In 1979, the first film in the series landed on Earth & by now I hope you're aware that I'm talking about Ridley Scott's masterpiece, ALIEN. Followed up by a few sequels (including James Cameron's flawless film, ALIENS) & even a prequel, the utter coolness of these movies is enough to have one day of the year completely devoted to them & have everyone on this blue marble bow down to it's endless entertainment.
All over this planet people are celebrating this day in one way or another: sitting at home, curled up on the couch with warm popcorn watching one or two or ALL of the ALIEN franchise movies, retelling their favorite stories about when THEY were abducted, attending special screenings at rad cinemas(which I'm doing TONIGHT at Alamo Drafthouse - a double feature of Alien & Aliens!), sweet merchandise is being released from companies & artists from all over, ...wait, let's stop there! Yep, in celebration of this day, I'm releasing a new art print featuring the true star of these films. The Aliens(or Xenomorphs as some call them) were, of course, created & designed by dark master, H.R. Giger whose timeless art continues to, & will forever, inspire. Here's my take on this sexy creature:
Available in TWO different sizes, you can choose to cover 8x10 or 11x14 inches of your wall with this beautiful specimen. Simply head to my online store to pick one up...he really wants to (face)hug & high five you for having it's special day on your calendar!

But wait!...something super cool is simultaneously happening this day that needs to be addressed as well! Another one of my favorite Holiday Horror films is being released TODAY on dvd/bluray. & that film is Mike Dougherty's(who also wrote/directed my absolute FAVORITE film, 'Trick 'r Treat') chilling, KRAMPUS! To celebrate this awesome event, I created a NEW Monster MugShot dipicting the true star of this film, KRAMPUS himself!
This is the FOURTEENTH character added to my ongoing series of Monster MugShots & I'm caroling with excitement to feature him alongside all the other horror icons I've scribbled out for this endless collection. He's just waiting for you to rescue him in my online store, so GO BREAK HIM OUT! Not only is he available in the obvious, regular 'Monster MugShot' mini print size of 4x5.25, but he & now ALL of the current MugShots are available in a new, larger 8x10 size! Start collecting them all, my friends!

So there you have it, HAPPY 4.26 (& krampus day!)!! In closing, I'd also like to share my 11x17 "Three Ugly Motherf@*#ers" black & white print which is on a special, SALE price of only $10 for a limited time since it also features today's celebratory figures:
I also wanted to give you guys a heads up that I'll, of course, be at my FAVORITE convention that's coming up in less than two months, COMICPALOOZA, in Houston! Why is this relevant? Because the guests of honor at this show is the complete cast from ALIENS & it's the films 30 year anniversary! Some of my Alien art will be on VIP badges, special VIP prints & even on t-shirts, so I hope you can make it to this amazing show. I'll also have new, ALIEN art for this show, so please stick around for more info coming soon....
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Thanks again for everyone's continued support.

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