August 31, 2015


So, this past weekend I took a few hours to sketch out some of my favorite superheroes & had a SUPER fun time doing it! Actually, I had SO much fun that I decided to start a new series featuring these watercolor sketches...
Like my "Pocket Monsters", these are 5"x 7" watercolor/ink portraits of the heroes (& super villains:) we've all come to love, so please welcome: "POCKET PROTECTORS!"

To kick it off I'm taking a few commissions for ONLY $35 EACH for a limited time! Head to my online store & pick up one or two or three or MORE! You can choose ANY ONE in the "superhero" world for me to paint.
These will all be in this "portrait" style you see below, so start collecting & building your very own "POCKET PROTECTORS!"...that's SUPER!

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