August 31, 2015


So, this past weekend I took a few hours to sketch out some of my favorite superheroes & had a SUPER fun time doing it! Actually, I had SO much fun that I decided to start a new series featuring these watercolor sketches...
Like my "Pocket Monsters", these are 5"x 7" watercolor/ink portraits of the heroes (& super villains:) we've all come to love, so please welcome: "POCKET PROTECTORS!"

To kick it off I'm taking a few commissions for ONLY $35 EACH for a limited time! Head to my online store & pick up one or two or three or MORE! You can choose ANY ONE in the "superhero" world for me to paint.
These will all be in this "portrait" style you see below, so start collecting & building your very own "POCKET PROTECTORS!"...that's SUPER!

RIP Wes Craven

I'm deeply saddened by this...

Thank you, Wes Craven ...thank you for SO much.

August 30, 2015


Put the man of your dreams ON YOUR CHEST!
The next horror design to be released by the amazing Tom Holland's Terror Time is my Freddy "Faces of Death" portrait. Available in SIX different colors (yes, even black), this bad boy is a nightmare come true!
They even have this lovely mug as high quality prints at different sizes as well...even POSTER size!
So head to to pick one up NOW & continue to check back, as they'll be adding more & more horrific designs VERY sooooooon....

August 24, 2015


Yep, it's that time again... I've been locked up in my studio painting away for my upcoming art show, so I need some fun, MONSTROUS distractions this week..
I'll be taking some "PICK A POCKET MONSTER" commissions & they'll be ONLY $35 (for a limited time)! I'll paint whatever "monster" you want & that monster will arrive at your front door shortly after to stay w/ you FOREVER! 
Head to my online store to jump on this list & get some super affordable, original art...

August 23, 2015

Dress for Halloween NOW!

You guys, Halloween is ONLY 69 DAYS AWAY! If you're like me, you should definitely be busting out your decorations now & getting ready to scatter them all over the house. I've got another thing you can do to show everyone that you're ready for the greatest holiday of all time...& that's DRESS FOR HALLOWEEN!:
That's right, my second shirt design through Tom Holland's Terror Time is my Sam "Faces of Death" design! Have the protector of Halloween protect you EVERYDAY! 
Terror Time has this design on EIGHT DIFFERENT COLORED T-SHIRTS, so you can choose that lovely color to wrap your torso in that goes so well with your skin tone! Head to TERROR TIME now & be sure to keep checking back as new stuff & shirt designs will be popping up EVERY WEEK!
& remember, it's NOT too early to decorate for Halloween, so grab my "King of Halloween" print for your walls as well!! ;) Get it HERE!

August 19, 2015

Happy Birthday, Booooooooooooy.....

Let’s ALL wish a phantastic day to the TALL MAN, Mr. Angus Scrimm, who’s 89 years young today! Happy Birthday, Booooooooooy…

August 11, 2015


"Hi, I'm Chucky...wanna play?"
We ALL know what that's from. & most movie fans know the man behind those words & that film. Tom Holland is a MASTER of horror & he not only brought us the classic, 'Child's Play', but one of my all time favorites, 'FRIGHT NIGHT', as well as 'Thinner', 'Psycho II', 'Class of 1984'...the list goes on & on. Growing up on these films has been a treat, but to now say I'm working alongside Tom is a SUPER TREAT!

That's right, I'm extremely excited to announce that I have joined Tom Holland's Terror Time family! Terror Time will be releasing my art as high-quality, affordable prints as well as t-shirts to make your torso the sexiest ever! I'll have some of my original, one of a kind art available as well, so you'll want to continue to check Tom Holland's Terror Time site as new stuff will be hitting the store every week.
My FIRST design they have just released is appropriately my CHUCKY "Monster MugShot". You can pick up different print sizes of this as well as t-shirts which come in FIVE different colors! Be a "Good Guy" (or Girl, of course:) & pick one up NOW!
I have a LOT of different horror designs in the works so continue to check back for more updates & releases. We're truly excited to unleash some terror into your life which will, or course, enhance it!
& remember, i still have some rad stuff available in my online store as well. ;)