June 5, 2015

Summer brings some HOT, new items!

Happy SUMMERTIME, friends!
COMICPALOOZA was seriously a good time & my brother & I somehow survived the "Great Memorial Day Flood of Houston"(thanks to the perfect driving & care of Sarah B!) only to return to Austin which was also completely under water. Luckily, we are safe & sound & truly hope that everyone affected by all this ridiculous, Texas rain are staying dry & unharmed as well.  The summer sun has finally come out to dry things up & with this sweat-filled weather that's making it's way to most of us, I thought it's a good time to add some HOT, new items to my online store to hopefully make you & your walls COOLER, yo! Let's share some of the goodies, shall we?! 
As I mentioned above, COMICPALOOZA was super great! You may remember from my previous post, I created a new "Monster MugShot" from one of the truly scariest movies of all time since the actress who portrayed this character was a guest at the con. Well, this monster is now available in my store & I hope all you amazing people who are collecting the whole MugShot series will welcome her...REGAN MacNEIL!:
So, Linda Blair herself LOVED this "Regan" art! Enough that she sent her assistant to my table to tell me she wanted to meet me...way too cool! She refused to spit pea soup on me though :(, BUT she DOES now have this "photo" available at her table when she appears at conventions now! HONORED!

Next up are three prints to kick off a new series called "COMIC CREEPS". Like my "Monster MugShots", this will be an ongoing series which I will slowly add to throughout my strange life.  All 11"x 17" prints waiting to creep on your walls..."Deadcool", "The Stranger" & "Wolvie Walker"...:
Ryan Reynolds, Benedict Cumberbatch & Hugh Jackman have never looked so good!

I've also added some newer prints of different sizes of some older work I've done that have never been prints before today!...FUN!! Here's what these look like:

And getting to even more monsters, I know a lot of you, like me, are HUGE fans of Clive Barker & his monster-filled, 1990 classic, NIGHTBREED, so of course I didn't forget about YOU! I recently went to the gates of Midian where two of my favorite occupants were hanging out. Well, I quickly sketched them out using ONLY the light of the moon & THIS is what came from it:
BUT, there's something special about these "prints". Not only are they LIMITED TO ONLY 10, but ALL ten of them are hand embellished. That's right, my right hand has colored the BIG moon looming over the heads of Kinksi & Peloquin:
it also scratched my name in the lower left side of the print AND it hand numbered & drew/colored another TINY moon in the bottom right corner....HANDTASTIC!:
All prints will have slight differences since they're colored individually making them all unique & one of a kind. These are SUPER RARE & once they're gone, they're gone for good, kiddos! Bring the 'Moon of Midian' home to you & know only NINE other people will be staring at that same moon...how romantic!

Hey, PINHEAD! No...not the freak from Hellraiser (although he IS included in this batch), but the freaks that like to pin buttons to their jacket/hat/shirt/backpack/face/european-carry-all/skin/purse/head/WHATEVER!...I've added some limited, 1.25" buttons that will look lovely wherever you decide to pin them. All buttons come on a "PINHEAD!" backer card signed by my shaky hand. You can collect all the buttons, keep them on the backer card & START A PINHEAD ARMY!...that's idiotic FUN!! With SIX designs to choose from, you're guaranteed to like something!:

Finally, I've added my 'Bad Connection' 4" stickers that you can add to spruce up any bland surface:

as well as stocked a few 'SOLD OUT' prints like my popular "T'rT: SAM!" print:
Hopefully there's something there that will make you smile, so please head to my store & check it out, friends!
I hope you all have an amazing summer! Talk sooooooooon.....

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