March 17, 2015

SXSW Covered in PAINT!

South By South West has once again invaded Austin & the RIDICULOUS traffic that already exists here becomes RIDICULOUSLY TERRIBLE (with a lot of cuss words thrown in, of course). But let's not complain as SXSW brings in people & shows that are RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME! I'll be part of a few events this year, but one I really want to share with you is this Thursday's HOPE reCREATE Event at the HOPE Outdoor Gallery!

This is their third year of doing this during SXSW & I'm super excited to be back on the roster. On Thursday, March 19th, 30 local & international artists are all coming together to paint every inch of the GIANT, multi level structure know as the HOG (Hope Outdoor Gallery). I've been given an 18'x 11' section that I plan on trying to art all over & would love you ALL to come join me in watching magical colors appear! I'll be apologizing profusely to the wall as I ruin it, so I'll need all the high-five-encouragemnt I can get!
It starts at 10am & runs alllllllll day…. SEE YOU THERE!

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