March 22, 2015

Making Friends at SXSW 2015..

Well…another SXSW has come & gone & even though this one was particularly WET, it was still a lot of fun! It was amazing meeting so many new artists through PowWowHawaii, Spratx & HOPE's reCreate event. AMAZING JOB to everyone involved!

Even though rain threatened us all week, the clouds parted just enough for the 30+ artists to gather at the Hope Outdoor Gallery this past Thursday & allow us to paint our hearts out. Here's my completed mural from the event:

I loved making these imaginary friends in the 6 hours I had (BIG thanks to my brother, Lance, for coming out & helping paint the wee wee), but I especially loved the REAL friends I made during that time. THANK YOU to everyone who came out to support this massive, art installation & the talented, hard working artists that made it possible. Your presence means the world to us all.

Back to the studio to cook up some new art…talk sooooooooooon.

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