December 7, 2015

Holiday Horror is HERE!

It's that time of year to start watching those Holiday classics. I've already cried like a baby to one of my favorites, The Family Stone, & usually save A Christmas Story & National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation for the big day. Of course Black Christmas & Silent Night, Deadly Night need a viewing this time of year to satisfy the horror craving but we can't forget Love Actually, Frosty the Snowman & One Magic Christmas with Harry Dean Stanton as the coolest angel in existence. The list goes on & on & we all have our very own, special viewing traditions that we love to experience... Well, there's a new, AMAZING film that I saw this weekend that will definitely be a new, holiday tradition. Yessir, I plan on watching this instant classic this time each year, every year, for the rest of my life. Written & directed by the same mastermind who brought us my favorite character of all time, Sam, & easily one of my favorite films of all time, Trick 'r Treat, Mike Dougherty has done it again. Adding Christmas to his list of Holiday Horror, Dougherty brought us KRAMPUS this past weekend & it was a wonderful, whimsical world of frostbitten darkness! This movie is SO FUN & needs to be seen on the big screen. When I woke up like an excited, little kid on Christmas morning just a couple days ago on it's release date of Friday, December 4th, an image popped in my head that I HAD to get out. I pulled out my watercolors & smeared them around until THIS appeared:
I simply HAD to put these two icons together who are forever running wild in Dougherty's magically universe & inside our heads. The response to this image has been overwhelming & fans of these two movies have shown a ridiculous amount of support. With the special requests & shares that you have all provided, I'm now releasing this as a print. You can grab "HOLIDAY HORRORS MEET" as a 10"x 8" or a slightly larger 14"x 11" print at my store NOW. Again, I am truly blown away by everyone's words the past few days & you all continue to remind me why I do this "art" thing for a living (& why the horror genre has the absolute BEST fans out there!).

So, go get yourself a print for Christmas or gift one or two or three to those special friends & family members & most importantly, GO SEE KRAMPUS IMMEDIATELY! Take everyone you know & see it again & again! The opening weekend numbers were AMAZING & it debuted MUCH higher than expected which is the best news EVER for the genre! With Dougherty working on TRICK 'R TREAT 2 right now, this will guarantee him the freedom & budget to make it the best film he can for US!


November 30, 2015


Happy Holidays, everyone!

Just to let you know, I've just added a TON of new, original artwork to my online store & it's already marked down! All my existing, original art (& prints too!) have also been marked down, so head on over to to pick a special, one of kind, piece of radness of yourself or that friend who's a fellow art lover! Art makes GREAT gifts that you can hold on to FOREVER!
I also wanted to let you know about a SUPER personal gift option I added to the sale as well. I'm taking a VERY LIMITED amount of pet portraits for the Holidays & would LOVE to do one for you! You can find more info at my shop or email me at to work something out.  Here are a few examples of some awesome doggies I've painted!:

Thanks so much for the continued support, friends & I truly, truly appreciate you considering art as a gift from independent artists such as myself.

September 10, 2015


I can't believe that we're only TWO WEEKS AWAY from me & my twin brother's art show, THERE ARE TWO OF ME. What I can believe is the human body can survive on minimal sleep for a long period of time. The sleepless nights have been ongoing as I continue to get ready for this exhibit & I'm super excited to show you all my new work. If you're interested in little hints, sneak peeks & releases from THERE ARE TWO OF ME, head to the Harlingen Arts & Heritage events page on Facebook where Lance & I are slowly adding new information & art leading up to the show. You can, of course, follow me on Instagram where I've already been sharing some process shots of my new pieces.
More info coming soooooooooon. Looking forward to seeing all your faces...
Follow one man's journey as he chronicles his internal struggle with the belief that he & everyone else has a second identity. He becomes consumed with this thought & loses his real self within his other self, physically seeing his identical twin living out his own life. He communicates this belief in journals & paintings which will be on display.
...we are on display.

August 31, 2015


So, this past weekend I took a few hours to sketch out some of my favorite superheroes & had a SUPER fun time doing it! Actually, I had SO much fun that I decided to start a new series featuring these watercolor sketches...
Like my "Pocket Monsters", these are 5"x 7" watercolor/ink portraits of the heroes (& super villains:) we've all come to love, so please welcome: "POCKET PROTECTORS!"

To kick it off I'm taking a few commissions for ONLY $35 EACH for a limited time! Head to my online store & pick up one or two or three or MORE! You can choose ANY ONE in the "superhero" world for me to paint.
These will all be in this "portrait" style you see below, so start collecting & building your very own "POCKET PROTECTORS!"...that's SUPER!

RIP Wes Craven

I'm deeply saddened by this...

Thank you, Wes Craven ...thank you for SO much.

August 30, 2015


Put the man of your dreams ON YOUR CHEST!
The next horror design to be released by the amazing Tom Holland's Terror Time is my Freddy "Faces of Death" portrait. Available in SIX different colors (yes, even black), this bad boy is a nightmare come true!
They even have this lovely mug as high quality prints at different sizes as well...even POSTER size!
So head to to pick one up NOW & continue to check back, as they'll be adding more & more horrific designs VERY sooooooon....

August 24, 2015


Yep, it's that time again... I've been locked up in my studio painting away for my upcoming art show, so I need some fun, MONSTROUS distractions this week..
I'll be taking some "PICK A POCKET MONSTER" commissions & they'll be ONLY $35 (for a limited time)! I'll paint whatever "monster" you want & that monster will arrive at your front door shortly after to stay w/ you FOREVER! 
Head to my online store to jump on this list & get some super affordable, original art...

August 23, 2015

Dress for Halloween NOW!

You guys, Halloween is ONLY 69 DAYS AWAY! If you're like me, you should definitely be busting out your decorations now & getting ready to scatter them all over the house. I've got another thing you can do to show everyone that you're ready for the greatest holiday of all time...& that's DRESS FOR HALLOWEEN!:
That's right, my second shirt design through Tom Holland's Terror Time is my Sam "Faces of Death" design! Have the protector of Halloween protect you EVERYDAY! 
Terror Time has this design on EIGHT DIFFERENT COLORED T-SHIRTS, so you can choose that lovely color to wrap your torso in that goes so well with your skin tone! Head to TERROR TIME now & be sure to keep checking back as new stuff & shirt designs will be popping up EVERY WEEK!
& remember, it's NOT too early to decorate for Halloween, so grab my "King of Halloween" print for your walls as well!! ;) Get it HERE!

August 19, 2015

Happy Birthday, Booooooooooooy.....

Let’s ALL wish a phantastic day to the TALL MAN, Mr. Angus Scrimm, who’s 89 years young today! Happy Birthday, Booooooooooy…

August 11, 2015


"Hi, I'm Chucky...wanna play?"
We ALL know what that's from. & most movie fans know the man behind those words & that film. Tom Holland is a MASTER of horror & he not only brought us the classic, 'Child's Play', but one of my all time favorites, 'FRIGHT NIGHT', as well as 'Thinner', 'Psycho II', 'Class of 1984'...the list goes on & on. Growing up on these films has been a treat, but to now say I'm working alongside Tom is a SUPER TREAT!

That's right, I'm extremely excited to announce that I have joined Tom Holland's Terror Time family! Terror Time will be releasing my art as high-quality, affordable prints as well as t-shirts to make your torso the sexiest ever! I'll have some of my original, one of a kind art available as well, so you'll want to continue to check Tom Holland's Terror Time site as new stuff will be hitting the store every week.
My FIRST design they have just released is appropriately my CHUCKY "Monster MugShot". You can pick up different print sizes of this as well as t-shirts which come in FIVE different colors! Be a "Good Guy" (or Girl, of course:) & pick one up NOW!
I have a LOT of different horror designs in the works so continue to check back for more updates & releases. We're truly excited to unleash some terror into your life which will, or course, enhance it!
& remember, i still have some rad stuff available in my online store as well. ;)

July 20, 2015



I’m ridiculously excited that the hilarious sitcom, Holliston TV Show, is coming back for a THIRD SEASON! 
To share in the excitement, I’m GIVING AWAY this official t-shirt I designed for the show a few years back featuring ALL of your favorite “characters”(this design has since SOLD OUT in men’s sizes)

Simply head to & follow the simple steps to enter to win! A winner will be randomly selected on Wednesday, July 22nd giving everyone plenty of time to enter. **NOTE: this will be for a MEDIUM SIZE ONLY! (Sorry, that's the only extra size I had left smile emoticon Skillfully printed on black, Next Level Apparel, short sleeve, crew neck shirt.
Finally, CONGRATULATIONS to show creator Adam Green & stars Joe Lynch, Corri English, Laura Ortiz & Dee Snider & a BIG HIGH FIVE to GeekNation for making this possible!
This is a celebration, Holliston Nation!! LET’S CELEBRATE!!

June 12, 2015

Sick Summer Sale!

It's the Summer of 2015, babes! So EVERYTHING in my online store is currently 15% OFF when you use discount code "SickSummerSale" upon checkout.

ALL prints, ALL original art, ALL EVERYTHING
Head to my store to take advantage of this limited time summer sale!

June 9, 2015


September 25, the date, friends!
That Friday will be the opening of my twin brother & I's art show:

We'll be returning to our hometown of Harlingen, TX & showing at the same, wonderful location I had my first, solo art show almost two years ago, the Harlingen Arts & Heritage Museum. We have a LOT of fun things planned for opening night, so I truly hope you ALL can make the trek down to South Texas for this special occasion. You can even enjoy South Padre Island & Mexico (the safe spots;) afterwards which I plan on doing! The exhibit will run thru mid November, so you'll have time to experience it firsthand, but again, opening night will be where it's at, yo!
Be sure to follow me on Instagram will I'll be showing sneak peeks/process shots of the art & be sure to follow Lance too! We're super excited to get ALL NEW art in front of your eyeballs & share this strange story we have planned....
More info soon, of course.

June 5, 2015

Summer brings some HOT, new items!

Happy SUMMERTIME, friends!
COMICPALOOZA was seriously a good time & my brother & I somehow survived the "Great Memorial Day Flood of Houston"(thanks to the perfect driving & care of Sarah B!) only to return to Austin which was also completely under water. Luckily, we are safe & sound & truly hope that everyone affected by all this ridiculous, Texas rain are staying dry & unharmed as well.  The summer sun has finally come out to dry things up & with this sweat-filled weather that's making it's way to most of us, I thought it's a good time to add some HOT, new items to my online store to hopefully make you & your walls COOLER, yo! Let's share some of the goodies, shall we?! 
As I mentioned above, COMICPALOOZA was super great! You may remember from my previous post, I created a new "Monster MugShot" from one of the truly scariest movies of all time since the actress who portrayed this character was a guest at the con. Well, this monster is now available in my store & I hope all you amazing people who are collecting the whole MugShot series will welcome her...REGAN MacNEIL!:
So, Linda Blair herself LOVED this "Regan" art! Enough that she sent her assistant to my table to tell me she wanted to meet me...way too cool! She refused to spit pea soup on me though :(, BUT she DOES now have this "photo" available at her table when she appears at conventions now! HONORED!

Next up are three prints to kick off a new series called "COMIC CREEPS". Like my "Monster MugShots", this will be an ongoing series which I will slowly add to throughout my strange life.  All 11"x 17" prints waiting to creep on your walls..."Deadcool", "The Stranger" & "Wolvie Walker"...:
Ryan Reynolds, Benedict Cumberbatch & Hugh Jackman have never looked so good!

I've also added some newer prints of different sizes of some older work I've done that have never been prints before today!...FUN!! Here's what these look like:

And getting to even more monsters, I know a lot of you, like me, are HUGE fans of Clive Barker & his monster-filled, 1990 classic, NIGHTBREED, so of course I didn't forget about YOU! I recently went to the gates of Midian where two of my favorite occupants were hanging out. Well, I quickly sketched them out using ONLY the light of the moon & THIS is what came from it:
BUT, there's something special about these "prints". Not only are they LIMITED TO ONLY 10, but ALL ten of them are hand embellished. That's right, my right hand has colored the BIG moon looming over the heads of Kinksi & Peloquin:
it also scratched my name in the lower left side of the print AND it hand numbered & drew/colored another TINY moon in the bottom right corner....HANDTASTIC!:
All prints will have slight differences since they're colored individually making them all unique & one of a kind. These are SUPER RARE & once they're gone, they're gone for good, kiddos! Bring the 'Moon of Midian' home to you & know only NINE other people will be staring at that same romantic!

Hey, PINHEAD! No...not the freak from Hellraiser (although he IS included in this batch), but the freaks that like to pin buttons to their jacket/hat/shirt/backpack/face/european-carry-all/skin/purse/head/WHATEVER!...I've added some limited, 1.25" buttons that will look lovely wherever you decide to pin them. All buttons come on a "PINHEAD!" backer card signed by my shaky hand. You can collect all the buttons, keep them on the backer card & START A PINHEAD ARMY!...that's idiotic FUN!! With SIX designs to choose from, you're guaranteed to like something!:

Finally, I've added my 'Bad Connection' 4" stickers that you can add to spruce up any bland surface:

as well as stocked a few 'SOLD OUT' prints like my popular "T'rT: SAM!" print:
Hopefully there's something there that will make you smile, so please head to my store & check it out, friends!
I hope you all have an amazing summer! Talk sooooooooon.....

May 14, 2015

Comicpalooza 2015

Can you believe summertime is practically here already?! How do I know that? Well, other than the extreme temperatures that are slowly teasing us right now, it's once again time for my FAVORITE convention of the year....: COMICPALOOZA!
That's right, I'll be very briefly making Houston my home from May 22nd thru the 25th for this fun-filled-four-day con which will undoubtedly be massacred with high fives & good times! My partner in art (& the womb), Lance, will also be there with his rad art including his newest, hardcover book, FOR THE TITLE. Definitely come by & pick one of these's hilariously funny! We'll be side by side at TABLES 1729 & 1731...
Here's a complex map to find our funny faces:

I'll have the regular goodies of art prints, shirts, stickers, buttons, original art, screen prints, blah, blah & blah as well as doing a limited number of commissions at the show (watercolor &/or ink). A special item I'll be releasing at the convention is my newest "Monster MugShot"! As a child, I somehow managed to sneak a viewing of EASILY one of the scariest movies to enter my head. The main actress in this scarring film will be a guest at Comicpalooza so I thought it was a perfect time to add this "monster" to my ongoing, horror series... That movie was 'The Exorcist', that actress was Linda Blair & that new "Monster MugShot" is Regan MacNeil:
Regan is lucky number 13 in the MugShot collection, so please swing by & pick up this little print of her (AND maybe get Linda Blair to vomit pea soup all over it tooooooo!;)
So all my newer stuff will be added to my online store shortly after the show, so please check that to see if there's some ugly art there to make you happy.
Also, be sure to follow me on Instagram & Twitter where I'll be having giveaways throughout the show(you obviously have to be present to do this)...FREE stuff truly rules over ALL other stuff!
Alright friends, really looking forward to hanging out...see you soon, Houston!

May 5, 2015

Heeeeeey Youuuuuuu Guuuuuuuuys!

So this past weekend was the 'Storm the Castle' event organized by Spratx & the friendly peeps from theCHIVE. They brought 30 artists together to paint murals in an abandoned warehouse in E. Austin following the theme of "Heroes/Icons". There was music, food trucks, art vendors, cold beer/water, free swag & a ton of great people….it was a blast!
After mulling over ideas on what I would paint for this event, I finally came upon a "hero" from my childhood that HAD to be painted. Yep…the disfigured, sweetheart that we've ALL impersonated numerous times with his unforgettable one-liners & catch phrases: SLOTH!!

Here's a quick, process video of me painting this big guy from photos taken by the lovely Hilary Hitt:

THANK YOU to everyone who came out. It was great seeing old faces & meeting new friends!
ALSO! The fine people at theCHIVE are currently holding a "Viewer's Choice" competition from all the murals created at the event. Go check them all out & if you think my SLOTH mural was "good enough",  please cast a vote for me! There's no sign up necessary,  just a quick click & you're done! You can also vote per IP address, so every phone, computer, iPad, tablet, whatever... each count as a separate vote.  VOTE HERE:
Thanks so much for your continued support! "Sloth…love…YOU!"