September 20, 2014

"Pocket Monsters" are here!

Hey, friends!
A couple days ago over on Instagram I started a fun thing called "Pocket Monsters". 
These little bastards are 5"x 7" watercolor/ink illustrations that I put up in my online store for a pretty cheap price. I wanted to make some quick, FUN, original art available to everyone for an affordable price & since I started these, it appears you're all digging them!
I sold out of ALL of them as I posted them, so since the response was so amazing & cool, I plan on doing these until you've all had enough of them! 
Starting next weekend I'll be posting some newer "Pocket Monsters", so if you're interested in picking up one or two or three or whatever your beautiful heart desires, give me a follow on Instagram where they're announced first. I also announce them on my Facebook page shortly after, followed by my Twitter account, so you can have notifications from all or any of those social media sites, but again…my Instagram followers see them first, yo!
Here's the first wave of my "Pocket Monsters"…thanks again for digging them & I look forward to adding to the collection!
I'll be posting the newer "Pocket Monsters" as they're created, so continue to check back!: