July 23, 2014


So I entered a local "Sketch Battle" about a month back, created by my friends at Spratx where each artists(started with 16 total) is given a theme for the week & have roughly two days to sketch out their interpretation of that theme. After three weeks of sketching, voting(THANK YOU!) & eliminating,  I've somehow successfully made it to the final round of this "Art Battle"!

Now THIS FRIDAY, JULY 25th, at the Scoot Inn here in Austin, Spratx is hosting THE LIVE ART BATTLE for the final two artists standing, where I'll be going paintbrush to paintbrush against local talent, Lady Nonstop. We'll be given yet another "theme" that night & have two hours to create a piece of art right in front of your eyeballs to finally crown a winner & take the 'ATX SUMMER SKETCH CHAMPION' title.
There will be a raffle for each piece created with all proceeds going to the artists, so please come out & support some Austin art(while hopefully taking a GIANT piece of it home with you)!
Here's all the info for the event & I would love to see you all there & cheers you with a tasty beverage… Thanks for your continued support!

Here are the themes/sketches I did for the past three weeks to finally make it to the final round. THANK YOU again for everyone that voted via Instagram…you all seriously rock. Hard.




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