May 15, 2014

Make your torso RAD!!

Who the hell remembers this hairy, whacky Melmackian?! I DO!
I welcomed Gordon Shumway into my house as a wee little lad & my brothers & I would laugh at his silliness & hunger for house cats. Now YOU can have Gordon (ALF) with you wherever you go!
Here's a torso hugger for you skillfully printed by the badasses at Mindzai Creative right here in Austin on the softest tee you can squeeze your sexy body into. ALL designs are printed on NEXT LEVEL Premium Fitted Short-Sleeve Crews in GRAY.
Also, if you're one of the first TEN peeps to order this chest wrap, I'll send you a sketch of something fun & ugly as an accessory for your shirt! THAT'S FUN!

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