May 20, 2014

Houston, YOU have a problem!

That's right, Houston, I'm coming for you!
THIS weekend is one of my favorite conventions & with it being my third, straight year having a table here, it's safe to say that I'm SUPER SUPER SUPER excited that the time has once again come for…
If you haven't been to this show yet, first of all, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?! & second of all, it's not too late for you to make it right with the world! You actually have FOUR days to choose from this year as Comicpalooza falls on Memorial Day weekend, so they thought: "Why NOT make the show four days this year?!" So that's what's happening May 23-26th & with the guests they have lined up, you have no excuse to miss it. Head to the website to check out all the info, but c'mon…Mike Mignola AND Stan Lee?!?!..fahgettaboudit!
So where will I be & what will I have at the show? Welp, my handsomely-talented broseph, Lance, & I will be patty-caking at TABLE 1019 in Artist Alley all four days. Lance will have all his awesome For The Title, Clean Hands comics, prints stuff as well as taking commissions while I'll have a lot of original art, prints, t-shirts, blah blah blah, buttons, this & that stuff for you tooooo. Here's a map that you MUST PRINT OUT so you'll easily find Lance & I & won't get lost in the massiveness of this convention center!:

Getting back to what I'll have available, there will be TWO new Monster MugShots debuting at the show, so if you've been collecting the series so far, time to add to the growing group of killers!:

Welcome the Tall Man & the Krite to the lineup, so how about giving these cute, little booger eaters a home! Don't worry if you can't make it to Comicpalooza though(HOW COULD YOU?!), you can Check my online store after the show as I'll be making them available shortly after… Again…COLLECT THEM ALL!!:
There will also be a few of my original paintings to point & laugh at & hopefully fill that empty space on your walls. I'll even have THIS new acrylic/ink piece which measures 40"x 30"(that's BIG by the way!!) AND it has a SHY BEE in it!:
I'll also be joining a TON of talented artists Saturday, right after the show closes for that day, for Comicpalooza's annual Live Art Event! It'll be held on the 3rd floor of the Convention Center in the Hall C balcony area. Come see me frantically create art right in front of your ball-filled-eyesockets & who knows…if you dig it, maybe you can bid on it & make it your very own! The silent auction will run from 7-10:30pm & proceeds will go to benefiting the Ronald McDonald House of Charities, so come support a great cause! 
So that's about that. I'd really love to see you all if you're in the Houston area, so please come by & get a commission of a Space shuttle or Yao Ming or Warren Moon on the Moon or something…. I'll also be having giveaways on Twitter throughout the show too, so give me a follow because FREE STUFF RULES HARD. Also, follow me on Instagram where you can live vicariously through me if you can't make it to the show (why you'd want to do that I have no idea), but you can definitely check out a lot of my art there toooooooo…..
Alright, friends…have a FUN & safe & memorable Memorial Day Weekend!

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