May 20, 2014

Houston, YOU have a problem!

That's right, Houston, I'm coming for you!
THIS weekend is one of my favorite conventions & with it being my third, straight year having a table here, it's safe to say that I'm SUPER SUPER SUPER excited that the time has once again come for…
If you haven't been to this show yet, first of all, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?! & second of all, it's not too late for you to make it right with the world! You actually have FOUR days to choose from this year as Comicpalooza falls on Memorial Day weekend, so they thought: "Why NOT make the show four days this year?!" So that's what's happening May 23-26th & with the guests they have lined up, you have no excuse to miss it. Head to the website to check out all the info, but c'mon…Mike Mignola AND Stan Lee?!?!..fahgettaboudit!
So where will I be & what will I have at the show? Welp, my handsomely-talented broseph, Lance, & I will be patty-caking at TABLE 1019 in Artist Alley all four days. Lance will have all his awesome For The Title, Clean Hands comics, prints stuff as well as taking commissions while I'll have a lot of original art, prints, t-shirts, blah blah blah, buttons, this & that stuff for you tooooo. Here's a map that you MUST PRINT OUT so you'll easily find Lance & I & won't get lost in the massiveness of this convention center!:

Getting back to what I'll have available, there will be TWO new Monster MugShots debuting at the show, so if you've been collecting the series so far, time to add to the growing group of killers!:

Welcome the Tall Man & the Krite to the lineup, so how about giving these cute, little booger eaters a home! Don't worry if you can't make it to Comicpalooza though(HOW COULD YOU?!), you can Check my online store after the show as I'll be making them available shortly after… Again…COLLECT THEM ALL!!:
There will also be a few of my original paintings to point & laugh at & hopefully fill that empty space on your walls. I'll even have THIS new acrylic/ink piece which measures 40"x 30"(that's BIG by the way!!) AND it has a SHY BEE in it!:
I'll also be joining a TON of talented artists Saturday, right after the show closes for that day, for Comicpalooza's annual Live Art Event! It'll be held on the 3rd floor of the Convention Center in the Hall C balcony area. Come see me frantically create art right in front of your ball-filled-eyesockets & who knows…if you dig it, maybe you can bid on it & make it your very own! The silent auction will run from 7-10:30pm & proceeds will go to benefiting the Ronald McDonald House of Charities, so come support a great cause! 
So that's about that. I'd really love to see you all if you're in the Houston area, so please come by & get a commission of a Space shuttle or Yao Ming or Warren Moon on the Moon or something…. I'll also be having giveaways on Twitter throughout the show too, so give me a follow because FREE STUFF RULES HARD. Also, follow me on Instagram where you can live vicariously through me if you can't make it to the show (why you'd want to do that I have no idea), but you can definitely check out a lot of my art there toooooooo…..
Alright, friends…have a FUN & safe & memorable Memorial Day Weekend!

May 15, 2014

Make your torso RAD!!

Who the hell remembers this hairy, whacky Melmackian?! I DO!
I welcomed Gordon Shumway into my house as a wee little lad & my brothers & I would laugh at his silliness & hunger for house cats. Now YOU can have Gordon (ALF) with you wherever you go!
Here's a torso hugger for you skillfully printed by the badasses at Mindzai Creative right here in Austin on the softest tee you can squeeze your sexy body into. ALL designs are printed on NEXT LEVEL Premium Fitted Short-Sleeve Crews in GRAY.
Also, if you're one of the first TEN peeps to order this chest wrap, I'll send you a sketch of something fun & ugly as an accessory for your shirt! THAT'S FUN!

May 9, 2014


It's time for yet another FREE FRIDAY FUNDAY!
I'm giving away my "Uncomfortable Scream" print over on Instagram & would LOVE to send it to you. Just go follow me on Instagram ( & check out the simple steps to enter to win…it's that easy!

I'll be picking a random winner later tonight & I seriously hope it's YOU.
Good luck & please keep checking back as I randomly do these because I love to give things away to people I love!

May 1, 2014

MAY 2014: TexASS Art Tour, yo!

Whelp…it's the month of MAY, so MAY i share something with ya?! I'm gonna be a damn, busy SHY BEE this month!
That's right, I'm loading up the tour bus with Microns, Haribo Gummi Bears, brushes, ink, art & farts & hitting the road for a TexASS Art Tour/May 2014!! I hope you can join me for ALL these events, but realistically I hope to see you at at least ONE of them. Let's see where the road will take us shall we?":
FIRST STOP, May 2nd: Austin, TX - Mindzai Creative
I luckily won't have far to go to kick this "tour" off, as I'll be sitting comfortable in my home base of Austin. The fine folks at Mindzai put on an art show every first Friday of each month & they asked me to join them for May. I(along with a few other rad artists) will have some original art(along with prints & goodies)up & for sale this evening at the Mindzai Creative gallery. I'll be debuting a newer 40"x30" acrylic/ink painting that I'm excited to share with you toooo(If you follow my Instagram, I've been sharing some process shots…) So I'll have around 15 pieces up & the show will run from 8-11pm w/ music, drinks, live art/screenprinting…ALL kinds of fun that you shouldn't miss out on. If you bring a blank shirt they'll even screen print my ALF design on it for FREE!
They'll also have it for sale along with other great mercy, so come enjoy a drink, some great art & let's hang out! This'll be a fun one, guys..
Click on the images above or HERE for all the info about this ARTXPLOSION event

The very next morning I'll be jumping in the tour van for a 3 hour drive to the border….:
SECOND STOP, May 3rd: Laredo, TX - Legacy Comics/Free Comic Book Day
Yep…back to LaRADo for my second consecutive Free Comic Book Day! Legacy Comics is THE BEST comic shop out there & I had so much fun last year doing signings/sketches with my brother & David Marquez that I was thrilled when they asked me back for this year's show. This FCBD is going to be HUGE with their new remodeled store which added a crazy amount of extra square footage & some cool guests like: my brother, Lance, Paul Maybury, studio roomie Nick Pitarra, Carlo Barberi, Tom Nguyen & David Angelo Roman. You's got's to come by for some free comics & maybe pick up some art from one of our ugly hands… It'll run 10am-7pm & all the info for the event can be found here. Yeah!
THIRD STOP, May 8th: San Antonio, TX - Alamo Drafthouse - HATCHET Trilogy!
Hatchet is one of my favorite slasher films. Victor Crowley has tapped into the horror community with his beautiful face & can easily stand toe to toe with any of the classic slashers of our time now that he's become a franchise with three movies. So why wouldn't you want to see ALL THREE OF THE HATCHET FILMS IN A ROW?!?!
The amazing folks at Alamo Drafthouse with Blood Thirsty Thursdays will be showing this bloody, movie marathon this coming Thursday & it's not going to be your average screening! This will be a fundraiser event for SCARES THAT CARE! which benefit women fighting breast cancer & sick children. They'll have signed goodies from Kane Hodder(Crowley) AND Tony Todd(Reverend Zombie), Fright Rags will be giving away some Hatchet shirts AND those that stay for ALL THREE MOVIES will go home with my Victor Crowley Monster MugShot print!(you may get one regardless though:):
Tickets are on sale now at the Alamo Drafthouse Westlakes & it's only $15 for ALL THREE FILMS! Do not miss this chance to these gory gems on the big screen, in their unrated versions!
FOURTH STOP, May 10-11th & 17-18th: Austin, TX - Mindzai Creative WEST Austin Studio Tour
So I'll be heading back to lovely, homely Austin AND Mindzai Creative as their studio is included in the 3rd Annual West Austin Studio Tour. WEST is a free, self-guided tour that shows off a butt load of the talent in Austin. Everyone's invited to check out working studios learning about techniques & tools while supporting the local artists doing their thing. As mentioned above, I'll have about 15 pieces up & for sale & will be hanging out at Mindzai Creative as well as checking out ALL the other amazing art/studios in West Austin. I urge you all to check it out & get inspired!
My next "Art Tour" stop will be at yet another Alamo Drafthouse cinema…this time in a little German town:
FIFTH STOP, May 22nd: New Braunfels, TX - Alamo Drafthouse - SLEEPAWAY CAMP
We're continuing the horror with the cult classic, 80's flick: Sleepaway Camp. If you haven't seen this movie then you're still unaware of THE BIGGEST TWIST ENDING in not only horror films, but ANY movie of all time! This showing will be the Sleepaway Camp BluRay pre-release party for SCREAM FACTORY & the first Blood Thirsty Thursdays at the New Braunfels location. There will be giveaways including my ANGELA Monster Mugshot print. There will be 40 signed prints, so grab a ticket to the show & take her home with you! Here's some info for ya where they'll also release when the tix go on sale..
Guess who's birthday party I'll be going to on THIS day?…that's right! Mr. Stephen Patrick Morrissey's: 
I've been a HUGE fan of his &, of course, The Smiths for a loooooong time now, so to get to see him perform on his birthday in Texas at a SOLD OUT intimate venue is something super duper special. I know this doesn't really fit in with my TexASS Art Tour, but I just wanted to share my excitement. Here's a terrible, little watercolor picture I did of him about six years ago to keep with the art theme….i guess:

I'll try to also leave a 'Free Art Bag' of goodies somewhere in Dallas too, so follow me on Twitter &/or Instagram to find the secret location & get a chance at grabbing it!
SEVENTH STOP, May 23-26th: Houston, TX - Comicpalooza
And the final stop of my May 2014 Art Tour takes me back to Houston, TX for my third straight year at Comicpalooza. I love this convention & I'm excited to show at it with my brother, Lance, once again. I'll do another post for this show closer to the event as I'll be doing a new Monster MugShot for it & will share it when it's finally done, so please check back for more info.

So that's that. Six Texas cities in one month, spreading my gracefully grotesque art all over people's faces & high fiving the whole way. I really hope you can some out for some of these events so we can stare into each other's eyes & enjoy this life in each other's presence for a short time….that sounds like fun. So I'll see you then, friends!!
Oh yeah!…go listen to The Movie Crypt's newest podcast with amigos Adam Green (of HATCHET fame….speaking of which), the sexy Joe Lynch & their guest: super high-fiving badass, Alex Pardee, who gives me a "Schibi Shoutout" this episode. With Alex being the guy who inspired me to go freelance when I met him years ago, I always draw inspiration from artists like him & this particular podcast delivers…it's a must listen for any creator out there. Here's some artwork I did for The Movie Crypt as it's become by Monday ritual when Geek Nation posts the new ones:
I always look forward to sticking on my headphones & inking away at my table while Adam & Joe fill my earholes with hilarious knowledge & entertainment. GO LISTEN TO THEM ALLLLLLLLLLLLL!
Okay…Hope to see you in either Austin, Laredo, San Antonio, New Braunfels, Dallas or you guys…mean it.