March 28, 2014

Something STRANGE is in the air...

TONIGHT is the opening of STRANGE BEASTS 2: A Tribute to the King!:
That's right! GUZU GALLERY is bringing the big man into their gallery space once again with an outstanding show filled with amazing artists. This time around they've allowed each artist to pair up Godzilla against a foe of their choice. Even though I would've loved to go with some of my favorite horror slashers like Victor Crowley or Leatherface, I decided to stay true to the Kaiju world & pit Godzilla against the SUPER handsome Garamon. Here's what my monster hand scribbled out for the show:

This original ink illustration sits in at 24"x18" on bristol board. If you're interested in it you can pick it up at the gallery or head to their online store where it'll be up sometime this weekend.
Here's all the info for opening night & I truly hope to see you all there!

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