November 21, 2013

Austin Comic Con 2013

HOLY CRAP has 2013 just flown by! It seems like yesterday we were popping off black cats to ring in the new year & all of sudden we're about to carve our tofurkeys & high five Santa… That's super okay with me since the Holidays are my favorite, feel-good times of the year & with them comes that one convention in my home base of Austin. That's right, amigos…it followed us through the dark streets & will creep up on us THIS weekend:
Austin Comic Con!
Let's not get too freaked out over it though. This year the organizers are bringing in some amazing artists/actors to make us "SQUEEEEE!!!" like little school girls. I'm already practicing my "I SWEAR I'm not in love with you!" face when I plan on stalking(I mean SEEING) BRUCE CAMPBELL!! But you can practice that face on Stan Lee, William Shatner, Norman Reedus, or the Karate Kid himself (No…not Will Smith's strange, little seed, but THE Karate Kid) Ralph Macchio! Who didn't"Crane Kick" everything in sight when that movie came out?! But the list is pretty ridiculously fun of who's going to be there, so check out the lineup & come hang out!
I'll be in Artist Alley all weekend sharing a table with my handsome, funny, twin brother, Lance who's one of the masterminds behind the web comic, FOR THE TITLE, & yes, that book that I'm STILL trying to finish, BULLMOOSE. We'll be sitting, sleeping & sometimes dancing at TABLE D-8, so you best make it a plan to swing by & see the nonsense we're offering…
I'll have SIX new prints available of pieces from my FIRST, solo art show which just closed Nov. 18th. SOMETHING IN THE WATER was a blast to put together & I hope all of you guys were able to check it out! With the exhibit ending, I'll be putting up prints & a lot of the originals that didn't sell in my online store for a BLACK FRIDAY SALE. Be sure to check it out next weekend! But THIS weekend at the show I'll have some black & white, signed prints like these happy, little boogers:

...& they can not wait to be hung on your walls & keep you company for the rest of your lives! Again, come by TABLE D-8 in Artist Alley to see my other, new prints available! In addition to these, I'll have a plethora of older pieces, sketchbooks & other goodies as well as a few copies of GOD HATES ASTRONAUTS which I'm sure I've told you about a while back. These 175-page, hardcover beasts of hilarity are a must own for anyone who likes to laugh! I illustrated a 2-page origin story in it that the book's creator, Ryan Browne, wrote & I couldn't be more proud of being a part of this. The book also got picked up & released by IMAGE COMICS, so guess who's an IMAGE published artist now?!…yeah ME! I do have a few of these beautifully printed books in my store too for those that can't make it out to the show…
Be sure to follow me & my brother on Twitter as we'll be having giveaways & pictures of sexy cosplayers LIKE THIS all weekend long. It's gonna be a fun one!
See you then...

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