October 2, 2013

Something in the Water Opening

It's OCTOBER!!! The BEST MONTH ever invented in the history of months EVER! It's power-packed with awesome anticipation: HALLOWEEN(of course), World Animal Day, the birth of ME(& my handsome twin), Freethought Day, Timothy Leary AND Susan Sarandon's birthday!, NONstop horror movies, Dashain in Nepal, wonderfully-delicious Oktoberfest beers &..what else...OH YEAH!...THIS!!:

The day has finally arrived of my FIRST, solo art show! Even though I'm still sweating profusely & stressing like a Breaking Bad viewer, I couldn't be more excited & unready!
SOMETHING IN THE WATER is a whacky-themed exhibit perfect for my style of art & especially what I LOVE to create...monsters & oddities(I'll try not to scare too many winter Texans off...unless you want me to). The show will feature new works(along with some oldies) & is a perfect exhibit to get everyone pumped up for Halloween.
This is what you can expect:
"Some time ago in the small, rural town of Hallow End, strange occurrences began happening to the inhabitants in this isolated place. What first began with what seemed to be small birth defects turned into questions & confusion when adults (both young & old) began showing signs of odd behaviors & "transformations". These questions traveled to further, outside locations & soon fell on a particular set of ears eager to answer them: Dr. Herbert Putare. Upon visiting & investigating Hallow End while interviewing & testing the people living there, Dr. Putare's search eventually led him to Manus Springs, the only water supply for the tiny town. There he discovered an object which seemed to answer the question of why these bizarre things were happening but took him even deeper into unexplained territory. These are his findings...."
Opening night will be THIS Friday, Oct. 4th at Harlingen Arts & Heritage Museum at 6pm in my happy, little hometown of Harlingen, TX. I have some fun stuff planned like FREE prizes & goodies, making you drink water from Manus Springs which will turn you into one of my freaky illustrations as well as giving you ALL the opportunity to create some art yourself to hang in the show...FUN! Oh yeah...a few REAL people from Hallow End may or may not be walking around through out the opening toooo. You can check out the Facebook event page here with all the info too.
Here are a few write-ups about the show as well if you'd like to learn a little more: SpankyStokes.com & TheBlotSays.com
I'm working like an Oompa Loompa up until the day of the show, so I shouldn't be spending any more time typing this little newsletter out, but I hope every single pair of eyeballs reading this can make it to the show.  If you're unable to make it, the exhibition will run from Oct. 4th thru November 17th giving you plenty of time to hitchhike down there. I'll also have a video of the opening along with all my pieces included in the show available online soon after...hopefully. Please help spread the word on this.
Here's a sneak peek of one of my illustrations included in the show that I haven't shown ANY ONE yet (except myself...& Dr. Putare):

Expect this tiny toddler & many more freak nuggets to greet you at the show.
Okie dokie, friends...gonna spend a few more moments in Hallow End for inspiration & I will see you on Friday!

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