June 4, 2013

We can be HEROES...

Hello again friends! I told you I'd be bothering you again shortly & I'm a man of my word...

Comicpalooza was a blast & I enjoyed yet another stay in Houston. I'm already looking forward to coming back next year & hopefully catching a beautiful moment like THIS from Patrick Stewart which was the highlight of the convention. Seriously...that guys rules. Hard.

But enough about my undying love for Jean Luc, THIS weekend I'm heading to another Con which I've been SUPER excited to attend for a while now...
Heroes Con is located in Charlotte, North Carolina & is THE primo convention for CREATORS to get together & high five each other with praise. Seriously...everyone will be at this show & it's solely for the artists. Check out the lineup & tell me it won't rule. Hard.
So I'll be bringing a bunch of goodies & piling it on half of my table. Why only half?...because my buddy, Fabian Rangel Jr., will be my better half at the show selling his awesome books including the acclaimed, DOC UNKNOWN, which you should ALL be sticking your noses in. We'll both be at table 921 in Artist Alley right next to Indie Island. Click here or on the image below for a map of the show & where to find us, yo!:
I'll of course be taking commissions through out the weekend & also doing giveaways via Twitter. Really hope some of you come to the show & hang out if you're in the area!
ANOTHER thing I want to tell you is as I'm writing this a super funny, bloody, smart, rad sitcom is having it's second season premier over on FEARnet. That show is HOLLISTON, created from the mind of one of my favorite writer/directors: Adam Green. It stars Adam & the RAD Joe Lynch as college grads chasing their dreams to become horror filmmakers, whilst not quite making ends meet working at a local cable access station run by their glam-rock loving boss, Lance Rockett(played by Dee Snider). The main ensemble is rounded out by the amazing Corri English & Laura Ortiz & regular appearances by GWAR's Oderus Urungus as Adam's imaginary alien friend who lives in his closet. If you haven't seen it, see it.
Anyhoo...I met Adam & Joe almost two years ago at the Alamo Drafthouse here in Austin & we've luckily stayed in contact since then. I was approached a few weeks back by them to do a shirt design for HOLLISTON & I was excited to get at it! Now, just TODAY, they made the shirt available along with all kinds of other designs & goodies to choose from over at Adam's production company's page: Ariescope.com. Go check out the online store & here's the "Characters" T-Shirt design I did for them:

They come in ALL shapes & sizes, so BUY ONE...or 50!!
But again, I'm super excited to be a part of it & especially for them with the success of their show. Seriously...go watch it! Here's all the ways you can see it...

Okay amigos, see you in Charlotte THIS WEEKEND & then it's Texas ComiCon in San Antonio two weeks later!
Sleep?...what's that?!

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