June 21, 2013

Texas ComiCon

So the Spurs lost the NBA Finals & we're all crying that Lebron & his goons won the title. I also know we're all still SUPER bummed about the passing of James Gandolfini yesterday, but instead of sulking in our rooms with the curtains pulled tight, eating gabagool & watching True Romance & The Sopranos all day (which is what I totally want to do & WILL do soon), we can't forget about a FUN event happening all weekend down in San Antonio!
Yeppers, Texas ComiCon is here again & like last year, will be high fiving fun again...JUST ASK RO-CO!
"Who the hell is "Ro-Co?!"" you ask? Well DUH...it's obviously Rob Perez & myself! We'll be sharing a table with awesome sauce covering every inch of it that we want you all to dip your bums into. We'll be at TABLE A39 in Artist Alley laughing into each other's faces while doing our best Tony Soprano Parker impressions, so come by & join the fun.
Here's a nifty map to find us:

If you swing by the table & I'm not there, I'll more than likely or DEFINITELY be 5 tables down staring gayly at the AMAZING Geof Darrow. I'm so in love with this guy's art, it's not even funny. I plan on stealing his right hand while he's not looking, removing MY right hand, then sewing HIS right hand where MY right hand used to be & THEN I'll be an artist!!! Brilliant, right?!
So I'll be taking commissions through out the weekend & having giveaways via Twitter too. Hopefully by that time I have the "Darrow Right Hand" sewn to my arm & your commissions will REALLY be awesome!
I'll also have a few copies of 'When the Evil Came':

 written by Fabian Rangel Jr. (who'll ALSO be at the show Table A14), so come pick one up & have us scribble on it.
So yeah, I really hope to see you there. Don't let the loss of Gandolfini or the Spurs keep you from coming out & having a grand ole time in San Antonio.
See you then, amigooooooos....

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