May 23, 2013

Comicpalooza THIS weekend...

You guys! Did you all know that Houston, TX was founded in 1836 & named after General Sam Houston?! He was also an astronaut, created NASA & was a starting pitcher for the Astros(then the Colt .45s) way back in 1962. He pitched a no hitter at one point toooo!
Now that I educated you on this giant, Texas city, let me tell about something Houston related that you also may not be aware of:

That's right, May-time always brings back this nerdy, little convention, so of course I'll be climbing in my space shuttle & making my way out to it. Last year Comicpalooza proved to be one of my favorite conventions & with this year's lineup including Patrick Stewart, Danny Trejo, that girl who played that "tough girl"& that dude who played that one alien in Star Trek, it looks like it'll be just as fun!
I'll be sitting at TABLE 1019 in Artist Alley all weekend long with a table full of goodies. This'll be the first con where I'll have a few of my limited edition "Heads That Talk" screen prints too:

These are the Artist Proofs(limited to only 15), so swing by & grab'll be FUN!
If you're a VIP holder, you'll be getting a set of my Mutant Ninjas postcard set with a TON of other FREE stuff & opportunities:

...bring em by so I can sign them or pick up your own set if you're not a badge holder.
Along with that I'll have a few other neat things that I haven't had available before & will be doing commissions through out the weekend. I'll only be taking a few each day, so get at me if you want an ugly picture drawn by my right hand. It'll be worth a lot of money someday in some fantasy world. Oh yeah!...I'll be having giveaways all weekend long via Twitter. Give me a follow & win some free crapola!
My brother, Lance, will also have some of his prints, sketchbooks & taking commissions at the table, so here's your chance to get a Schibi Sandwich at once. YEAH!
All the times & events & table numbers & guests & "ALL THAT JAZZ!!!" can be found on the COMiCPALOOZA website or their Facebook page. Really hope to see some of your smiling faces there. & a heads up that I'll be in North Carolina in two weeks for HeroesCon, so if you're in the area come point & laugh at me! More info on that later....

May 2, 2013

May the 4th Be With You....

This Saturday will be a nerd-gasm of EPIC proportions!

Not only is it FREE COMIC BOOK DAY at every comic shop around the nation, but it's also MAY 4th...& we all know what that means, right?!?! Okay...maybe we all don't, so let me tell you:

May 4th is considered an international holiday by STAR WARS fans to celebrate the films & praise that Skywalker guy as much, if not more, than that Waterwalker guy. There's a lot of events going on in honor of this date including the ALWAYS thrilling ARTSLAM!  in San Antonio(which you guys should totally go to if you're in the area), but I'll be heading a little further south with my twin sister, Princess Leia....I mean twin BROTHER, Lance!, to partake in some festivities down in Laredo, TX.
The bad asses at LEGACY COMICS (where I did a signing at a few months back with my buddy, Fabian) asked my bro & I, along with current All New X-Men artist Dave Marquez, to hang out at their amazing shop for the day to do some signing, sketching, high-fiving, wookie-impressions & whatever else may happen! LEGACY will have OVER 5000 FREE COMICS to give away, so there's NO reason to miss this! They'll also be holding a raffle for a chance to get some FREE sketches from Lance, Dave & I. On top of that there's a lot of other fun activities including costume contests planned which you can read about on their site or at the Facebook event, so yeah...come nerd out with us.
I'll have a bunch of prints, original art & a VERY LIMITED amount of Fabian & I's 'When The Evil Came' comic.

If you can't make it out, you better at least go out to YOUR local comic book shop & support them. They really do make life better! Here's a link to FCBD signings all over the country & hopefully near you...
Alrighty, hope to see you there & of course:
"May the 4th Be With You!"