March 27, 2013

Return of the Cult Classics

Hello again friends!
I know a lot of you are getting ready to put on your bunny-eared, Sherlock Holmes hat & search out cheerfully-colored eggs hoping you find the gold one with the $5 bill in it, but don't waste ALL your excitement on that this weekend! I'm here to inform you Cadbury Creme Egg eating 
mofos about a show the day before Easter that you CAN NOT MISS. This unmissable show is of course:
ARTSLAM!: Return of the Cult Classics!

Not the Ian Astbury singing 'FIRE WOMAN' kind of "Cult Classic", but those lovable, intoxicating films that have burrowed their way deep into our hearts. Some of my favorite movies of ALL TIME are considered "Cult" movies & they continue to withstand the test of time. I mean, who DOESN'T love Rocky Horror? Or annoyingly repeat "What's in the basket?" when thinking about the GREAT 'Basket Case'? Or bow down to the brilliant, Oscar-worthy performance from Tommy Wiseau in 'The Room'? If you answered "I don't" to ANY of those, then we can't be friends anymore. BUT IT'S NOT TOO LATE FOR YOU!
THIS Saturday you can be introduced to a crazy mob of artists & musicians who will be bringing to life all kinds of character & themes from Cult movies of all genres RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES! I'll also be live painting alongside these kool-aid drinking fools & I'm excited to get one of my favorite cult "heroes" out of my decapitated head that night. Come by & see what it isssss! I'll also be FINALLY releasing another Monster MugShot adding to my never-ending series. This new one falls perfectly in the category of "CULT" & is the star of one of slasher movie's BEST, MOST SHOCKING ENDINGS EVER!!! She wants to say "hi" actually. What a minute..."SHE?!" That's right, my first "female" Monster MugShot is none other than:
Angela Baker from 1983's 'SLEEPAWAY CAMP':

This will be her debut into the world, so please swing by & take her home with you!(hopefully you last the night) I will also have all my other Monster MugShots available, so no better time to collect them all!! If you're going make sure to give me a follow on Twitter too as I'll be having giveaways through out the show.

Alright amigos, just to be clear on what you're doing this weekend:
Saturday, March 30th, ARTSLAM!, San Antonio, The White Rabbit, 7pm
...all the info is right here for your eyeballs too.

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