March 27, 2013

Return of the Cult Classics

Hello again friends!
I know a lot of you are getting ready to put on your bunny-eared, Sherlock Holmes hat & search out cheerfully-colored eggs hoping you find the gold one with the $5 bill in it, but don't waste ALL your excitement on that this weekend! I'm here to inform you Cadbury Creme Egg eating 
mofos about a show the day before Easter that you CAN NOT MISS. This unmissable show is of course:
ARTSLAM!: Return of the Cult Classics!

Not the Ian Astbury singing 'FIRE WOMAN' kind of "Cult Classic", but those lovable, intoxicating films that have burrowed their way deep into our hearts. Some of my favorite movies of ALL TIME are considered "Cult" movies & they continue to withstand the test of time. I mean, who DOESN'T love Rocky Horror? Or annoyingly repeat "What's in the basket?" when thinking about the GREAT 'Basket Case'? Or bow down to the brilliant, Oscar-worthy performance from Tommy Wiseau in 'The Room'? If you answered "I don't" to ANY of those, then we can't be friends anymore. BUT IT'S NOT TOO LATE FOR YOU!
THIS Saturday you can be introduced to a crazy mob of artists & musicians who will be bringing to life all kinds of character & themes from Cult movies of all genres RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES! I'll also be live painting alongside these kool-aid drinking fools & I'm excited to get one of my favorite cult "heroes" out of my decapitated head that night. Come by & see what it isssss! I'll also be FINALLY releasing another Monster MugShot adding to my never-ending series. This new one falls perfectly in the category of "CULT" & is the star of one of slasher movie's BEST, MOST SHOCKING ENDINGS EVER!!! She wants to say "hi" actually. What a minute..."SHE?!" That's right, my first "female" Monster MugShot is none other than:
Angela Baker from 1983's 'SLEEPAWAY CAMP':

This will be her debut into the world, so please swing by & take her home with you!(hopefully you last the night) I will also have all my other Monster MugShots available, so no better time to collect them all!! If you're going make sure to give me a follow on Twitter too as I'll be having giveaways through out the show.

Alright amigos, just to be clear on what you're doing this weekend:
Saturday, March 30th, ARTSLAM!, San Antonio, The White Rabbit, 7pm
...all the info is right here for your eyeballs too.

March 12, 2013

"Making New Friends"

Well...yesterday was a blast at the SXSW reCREATE Austin event at Castle Hill organized by HOPE & Empty Kingdom. The rain threatened us up until the morning of the show, but moved along just in time. So thank you Mr. Rain...I like you, but I like painting with my friends more.  & that's just what we did!
It was a lot of fun seeing so many talented artists attack the walls & turn every corner of them into works of art. Great to finally meet/see Tristan Eaton work his magic with the cans too!
Below are a few pics of me rocking out my wall & "making new friends". Thanks to the sponsors & everyone who came out.
No thanks to the sunburn I received...:

March 6, 2013

South By So What's Going On?

Hello again friends! I just removed the staples from my eyelids & as I rest my eyes I can reflect on this past weekend's awesome STAPLE! Independent Media Expo.  It was a lot of fun & thanks to everyone who came out & especially to Jeremy for the 300lb. bag of Haribo Gummi Bears!!

I can't rest my eyes for TOO long, however, as a little-bitty festival is hitting Austin THIS Friday.  You may have heard of of this four-letter, two-week party that contains two-"S"s, an "X" & a "W"...  That's right, SXSW is back. Hipsters will be swarming Austin with their tight jeans, v-necks, thick-rimmed glasses & singing songs from bands you've never heard of. Along with all the "too cool for school" kids, there's a CRAZY amount of "too cool for school" EVENTS! TWO of which I'm lucky to be a part of & I'll be sharing those with you RIGHT NOW:

This first comes from local, fine-art toy shop & gallery, GUZU GALLERY. They invited 20 artists to choose a beloved music icon or band that has inspired us & allowed us to create a piece of art using that inspiration. There were, however, three conditions:
ONE: The artwork must be a screen print.
TWO: The artwork must be album cover size.
THREE: The artwork must cost only $25.
OH!...& FOUR: The artwork must rule your face, of course! So with these as the only stipulations, I dove in to create my FIRST screen print EVER for:
DEEP CUTS: 12" Tributes to our Favorite Music Heroes
Since my print has already been revealed on Poster District, I can share it here & cross my fingers that you guys like it. I chose a group that has been a huge inspiration for me & still remains one of my favorite bands today, TALKING HEADS.  And now my piece for the show:
"Heads That Talk":
This is a 3-color screen print, signed/numbered limited to only 40 which was beautifully printed by local, high-fiving buddies: Nakatomi Inc. I've seen the majority of the prints in this show & ALL you guys need to make it out to see them in person! Opening reception will be THIS Thursday, March 7th from 7-10pm. There will be live music & complimentary beverages which gives you even MORE reason to be there! All the info & RSVP is here at their Facebook events page or just SHOW UP! The show & art will stay up until April 7th, but if you can't make it you can order any or all of the remaining prints online at Guzu's shop starting Sunday. & remember...they're ALL ONLY $25 EACH!

The SECOND event is happening a few days later THIS Sunday, March 10th. HOPE & Empty Kingdom have come together to present an ALL DAY art installation which brings artists together to cover a massive, three-story-tall, outdoor urban space that has emerged into one of the largest outdoor galleries in the country. This event is:

This will run 12-7pm & will include 50 bad ass, mural artists working simultaneously including heavy hitters Tristan Eaton & David Flores. I have absolutely no idea what I'll be splattering on my 13'x11' portion of the wall since I'm a master procrastinator-bater, but come noon on Sunday, "something" will begin to appear.
This show is gonna be a MONSTER with a lot of cool things happening through out, so come soak up the sun, sip refreshing drinks & come motivate us with your high fives. All the info is provided here & they're looking for volunteers that Sunday & the Saturday before to prep, so if you can offer a bit of your time, please consider it!
I really hope to see you at one or BOTH of these FREE events. Come out & support artists!...we need it!!
Be safe amigos....