February 27, 2013

STAPLE! your eyelids open...

(please DON'T try this at home...or anywhere for that matter!):
Carefully pull your eyelids up towards your forehead.
With your free hand, grab a powerful STAPLE gun & blast a single STAPLE through each eyelid to your forehead.
Now don't miss a thing!!

Now that I have your unblinking attention as your eyes begin to dry up reading this, I MUST tell you about what's going on this weekend.  You know those things that you just shot into your head?...well...THAT'S what's going on this weekend!!:

Yep...Austin's Independent Media Expo: STAPLE! is once again upon us & it once again brings a small army of illustrators, writers, podcasters, farters, letterers, colorists, cosplayers, performers & all those other things that make it what it is. It's kicking off THIS Saturday at The Marchesa Hall & I really hope you can swing by for the festivities. I'll be sitting in the ANNEX at TABLE 78 staring at the handsome & talented Rob Perez whom I'm sharing a table with. I'll have some prints, books, crap & doing a few commissions over the weekend, while Rob will be offering some of his prints, shirts & other goodies for your walls & different body parts. Just come by & allow us to artistically satisfy you. If we fall short of that(which happens occasionally)there are over a HUNDRED other exhibitors to visually stimulate you.
So come on down! All the info can be found on the STAPLE! site or their Faebook events page.

Alright guys! I have a lot of other fun things planned for March, so check back next week with more info about upcoming events.

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