February 18, 2013

God Hates Astronauts

Hey guys!
I'm excited to share something I worked on a while back that's pretty damn amazing:
Ryan Browne is a comic book artist/writer based out of Chicago & he has the COOLEST comic ever printed on paper AND ever to grace the screens of all things connected to the interweb. That comic is GOD HATES ASTRONAUTS! You can read the three issue radness here FOR FREE AND you can throw a little money in his direction to OWN even more radness that may be a little too much to handle! Ryan has started his Kickstarter for "The Completely Complete Edition" of God Hates Astronauts which is packed with 180 pages of brilliance sandwiched in between a beautifully illustrated hardcover.   I'm super pumped to have illustrated an origin story of one of his characters in this(Sir Hippothesis(here's a peek)):
....along with a CRAZY amount of other artists that blow my mind!
Don't take my word for it(even though I've already seen every page of this bad boy & my jaw is still on the floor), watch the video, head to the site & see for yourself all the neat things you can cuddle with & be a part of creating THE GREATEST COMIC BOOK EVER!

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