February 27, 2013

STAPLE! your eyelids open...

(please DON'T try this at home...or anywhere for that matter!):
Carefully pull your eyelids up towards your forehead.
With your free hand, grab a powerful STAPLE gun & blast a single STAPLE through each eyelid to your forehead.
Now don't miss a thing!!

Now that I have your unblinking attention as your eyes begin to dry up reading this, I MUST tell you about what's going on this weekend.  You know those things that you just shot into your head?...well...THAT'S what's going on this weekend!!:

Yep...Austin's Independent Media Expo: STAPLE! is once again upon us & it once again brings a small army of illustrators, writers, podcasters, farters, letterers, colorists, cosplayers, performers & all those other things that make it what it is. It's kicking off THIS Saturday at The Marchesa Hall & I really hope you can swing by for the festivities. I'll be sitting in the ANNEX at TABLE 78 staring at the handsome & talented Rob Perez whom I'm sharing a table with. I'll have some prints, books, crap & doing a few commissions over the weekend, while Rob will be offering some of his prints, shirts & other goodies for your walls & different body parts. Just come by & allow us to artistically satisfy you. If we fall short of that(which happens occasionally)there are over a HUNDRED other exhibitors to visually stimulate you.
So come on down! All the info can be found on the STAPLE! site or their Faebook events page.

Alright guys! I have a lot of other fun things planned for March, so check back next week with more info about upcoming events.

February 18, 2013

God Hates Astronauts

Hey guys!
I'm excited to share something I worked on a while back that's pretty damn amazing:
Ryan Browne is a comic book artist/writer based out of Chicago & he has the COOLEST comic ever printed on paper AND ever to grace the screens of all things connected to the interweb. That comic is GOD HATES ASTRONAUTS! You can read the three issue radness here FOR FREE AND you can throw a little money in his direction to OWN even more radness that may be a little too much to handle! Ryan has started his Kickstarter for "The Completely Complete Edition" of God Hates Astronauts which is packed with 180 pages of brilliance sandwiched in between a beautifully illustrated hardcover.   I'm super pumped to have illustrated an origin story of one of his characters in this(Sir Hippothesis(here's a peek)):
....along with a CRAZY amount of other artists that blow my mind!
Don't take my word for it(even though I've already seen every page of this bad boy & my jaw is still on the floor), watch the video, head to the site & see for yourself all the neat things you can cuddle with & be a part of creating THE GREATEST COMIC BOOK EVER!

February 12, 2013

Laredo?...more like La-RAD-o!!

Hey friends!
Just wanted to share this video recap from the signing Fabian Rangel Jr. & I had over at Legacy Comics this past Saturday.  High five to video guy Ramon Villegas Jr. & especially to Chris & his crew down at Legacy...you guys rule.
Thanks to all who came out & made it awesome!

February 4, 2013

Run For The Border!

Hello again friends!
Hopefully your team won that SuperDuperBowl game thingy. Or if they weren't in it, hopefully they win it next year.
Anyway...ARTSLAM!'s Seven Year Anniversary Jam on January 26th was a massive success & a LOT of fun. I'd like to once again thank LIZ & ROB PEREZ for always being such amazing hosts & making San Antonio feel like a second home for me! BUFF MONSTER, NYCHOS & LAMOUR SUPREME destroyed the walls of the White Rabbit with their crazy skills & we all had a brief "No Pants Bromance":
(L-R: Deadbeat Hero, Nik Soupé, Buff Monster, Nychos, Lamour Supreme & I)

I also followed Lionel Ritchie's advice & painted "ALL NIGHT LONG!" that night & my giant, blue, ice-cream eating, monster creation went to a happy home with the winning bidder:
But enough about that RAD show that you hopefully didn't miss, I need to tell you about something else super fun & exciting that's happening THIS Saturday, Feb. 9th!
I'll be heading for the border Taco Bell style to LEGACY COMICS in Laredo, TX. I'm not going solely for the tacos & delicious, authentic, mexican food that I grew up with, but I'll be signing that little horror comic I illustrated called 'WHEN THE EVIL CAME'. The writer of the horror-flip book, Fabian Rangel Jr., will also be down there scribbling his name, so if you're in the area please come down & hang out with us!  I mean...just look how we party!!:
Fabian will also have some of his other books there including his newest, amazing piece of work, LOS MUERTOS, & I'll have some prints & other goodies to do a little dance in front of your eyeballs. With my twin brother, Lance, also coming along, there should be plenty of awesome things to keep you entertained! RSVP & all the info about the event is located HEREbut here's the general info:
LEGACY COMICS, Laredo, TX, Feb. 9th, Noon-4pm signing
Oh! & check out Laredo's local News promote the signing...my last name is yet again too smart for people to pronounce correctly. WIN!:
If you're not able to make the signing, remember you can still order the comic from my store where I'll sign it AND draw a nifty little sketch for ya too. Grab it!
BUT that's not ALL that's happening this Saturday. Remember that guy, ROB PEREZ, I mentioned earlier above? He's an amazing artist & he's having his FIRST solo exhibit in San Antonio at SILKWöRM STUDIO & GALLERY. His new series of work is "SWEATERMEN" & you must experience it in person. Show opening runs 7-11pm & here's all the info for the event here.
I've got a lot of things lined up for next month that I'm excited to share with you, so until then....
Hope to see you all sooooooon!