January 1, 2013

The Evil's HERE!!!

 You like horror? You like comic books?! You like demons whose stomachs open up & grab you with their intestines?!?! If you said "YES!" to most or ALL of those things then you MUST order this scary, comic book thing that will guarantee to satisfy your horror-sweet tooth:

I illustrated this 10-page tale written by my tattooed, freak buddy, Fabian Rangel Jr. & colored by the rad Adam Metcalf, which introduced me to those headaches known as "sequentials". It's finally available in physical form for you to cuddle with at night or burn to keep the monsters away.
Not only do you get my 10-pages of ugly pictures, but if you FLIP THE WHOLE DAMN COMIC BOOK AROUND you get another horror tale ('STINKY') also written by Fabian but illustrated by the talented Valentin Menendez! Yep...TWO 'Tales from the Crypt'-esque tales ready to hopefully make you talk in puns like the Cryptkeeper himself!

Thanks for looking boos & ghouls & I hope this book gives you some inspiring nightmares!

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