December 2, 2013

Cyber Monday brings new merch, yo!

Hey Friends!
It's Cyber Monday & that means you can sit in your underwear all day & do your Holiday shopping from your computer or that hand held device thing you may be reading this on!…FUN!
I took some time to add a LOT of new original pieces to my online store including these inked, bad boys:
& now they're just waiting patiently for you to snag them up & gift them or hang them on your own walls!
In addition to all of the original art you can purchase, I added a lot of new prints as well (including some amazing, high quality, 12x18, CANVAS prints like THESE:)

If you spend at least $20 you'll receive a FREE Monster MugShot of your choice & if you spend at least $50 I'll send you a custom sketch drawn by my right hand that's special & ONLY FOR YOU!
Thanks again, amigos & I really hope you have the best Holiday yet...

November 21, 2013

Austin Comic Con 2013

HOLY CRAP has 2013 just flown by! It seems like yesterday we were popping off black cats to ring in the new year & all of sudden we're about to carve our tofurkeys & high five Santa… That's super okay with me since the Holidays are my favorite, feel-good times of the year & with them comes that one convention in my home base of Austin. That's right, amigos…it followed us through the dark streets & will creep up on us THIS weekend:
Austin Comic Con!
Let's not get too freaked out over it though. This year the organizers are bringing in some amazing artists/actors to make us "SQUEEEEE!!!" like little school girls. I'm already practicing my "I SWEAR I'm not in love with you!" face when I plan on stalking(I mean SEEING) BRUCE CAMPBELL!! But you can practice that face on Stan Lee, William Shatner, Norman Reedus, or the Karate Kid himself (No…not Will Smith's strange, little seed, but THE Karate Kid) Ralph Macchio! Who didn't"Crane Kick" everything in sight when that movie came out?! But the list is pretty ridiculously fun of who's going to be there, so check out the lineup & come hang out!
I'll be in Artist Alley all weekend sharing a table with my handsome, funny, twin brother, Lance who's one of the masterminds behind the web comic, FOR THE TITLE, & yes, that book that I'm STILL trying to finish, BULLMOOSE. We'll be sitting, sleeping & sometimes dancing at TABLE D-8, so you best make it a plan to swing by & see the nonsense we're offering…
I'll have SIX new prints available of pieces from my FIRST, solo art show which just closed Nov. 18th. SOMETHING IN THE WATER was a blast to put together & I hope all of you guys were able to check it out! With the exhibit ending, I'll be putting up prints & a lot of the originals that didn't sell in my online store for a BLACK FRIDAY SALE. Be sure to check it out next weekend! But THIS weekend at the show I'll have some black & white, signed prints like these happy, little boogers:

...& they can not wait to be hung on your walls & keep you company for the rest of your lives! Again, come by TABLE D-8 in Artist Alley to see my other, new prints available! In addition to these, I'll have a plethora of older pieces, sketchbooks & other goodies as well as a few copies of GOD HATES ASTRONAUTS which I'm sure I've told you about a while back. These 175-page, hardcover beasts of hilarity are a must own for anyone who likes to laugh! I illustrated a 2-page origin story in it that the book's creator, Ryan Browne, wrote & I couldn't be more proud of being a part of this. The book also got picked up & released by IMAGE COMICS, so guess who's an IMAGE published artist now?!…yeah ME! I do have a few of these beautifully printed books in my store too for those that can't make it out to the show…
Be sure to follow me & my brother on Twitter as we'll be having giveaways & pictures of sexy cosplayers LIKE THIS all weekend long. It's gonna be a fun one!
See you then...

October 18, 2013

Something Spooky

Hey friends!
if you're in the Austin area, please come hang out at GUZU GALLERY with me & some artists that are waaaaaaay better than me!
To get us all in the Halloween mood, Vince & the bad asses at Guzu Gallery have teamed up with local, horror creators & all around nice dudes, Steve Niles & Bernie Wrightson(one of my favorite illustrators of ALL TIME!), to curate a spooktacular art exhibit featuring some of my favorite artists! I was completely honored to be invited to showcase & created two new pieces for the event with my creepy style splattered all over them. 
So the opening is TONIGHT at Guzu Gallery on Lamar/51st (RIGHT next door to Austin Books & Comics) with free drinks, music, costume contests & more. It'll run 7-10pm, but if you can't make it, don't freak out completely, the show will be up & running til Nov. 25th.
Check out the list of artists participating with a lot of them being there TONIGHT:
Here's the link to the Facebook events page with all the info & directions, so again...I really hope you come out & view this show. It's also the day after my & my twin bro's birthday, so let's make a scary party out of it....FUN!!
See you there.....

October 2, 2013

Something in the Water Opening

It's OCTOBER!!! The BEST MONTH ever invented in the history of months EVER! It's power-packed with awesome anticipation: HALLOWEEN(of course), World Animal Day, the birth of ME(& my handsome twin), Freethought Day, Timothy Leary AND Susan Sarandon's birthday!, NONstop horror movies, Dashain in Nepal, wonderfully-delicious Oktoberfest beers &..what else...OH YEAH!...THIS!!:

The day has finally arrived of my FIRST, solo art show! Even though I'm still sweating profusely & stressing like a Breaking Bad viewer, I couldn't be more excited & unready!
SOMETHING IN THE WATER is a whacky-themed exhibit perfect for my style of art & especially what I LOVE to create...monsters & oddities(I'll try not to scare too many winter Texans off...unless you want me to). The show will feature new works(along with some oldies) & is a perfect exhibit to get everyone pumped up for Halloween.
This is what you can expect:
"Some time ago in the small, rural town of Hallow End, strange occurrences began happening to the inhabitants in this isolated place. What first began with what seemed to be small birth defects turned into questions & confusion when adults (both young & old) began showing signs of odd behaviors & "transformations". These questions traveled to further, outside locations & soon fell on a particular set of ears eager to answer them: Dr. Herbert Putare. Upon visiting & investigating Hallow End while interviewing & testing the people living there, Dr. Putare's search eventually led him to Manus Springs, the only water supply for the tiny town. There he discovered an object which seemed to answer the question of why these bizarre things were happening but took him even deeper into unexplained territory. These are his findings...."
Opening night will be THIS Friday, Oct. 4th at Harlingen Arts & Heritage Museum at 6pm in my happy, little hometown of Harlingen, TX. I have some fun stuff planned like FREE prizes & goodies, making you drink water from Manus Springs which will turn you into one of my freaky illustrations as well as giving you ALL the opportunity to create some art yourself to hang in the show...FUN! Oh yeah...a few REAL people from Hallow End may or may not be walking around through out the opening toooo. You can check out the Facebook event page here with all the info too.
Here are a few write-ups about the show as well if you'd like to learn a little more: &
I'm working like an Oompa Loompa up until the day of the show, so I shouldn't be spending any more time typing this little newsletter out, but I hope every single pair of eyeballs reading this can make it to the show.  If you're unable to make it, the exhibition will run from Oct. 4th thru November 17th giving you plenty of time to hitchhike down there. I'll also have a video of the opening along with all my pieces included in the show available online soon after...hopefully. Please help spread the word on this.
Here's a sneak peek of one of my illustrations included in the show that I haven't shown ANY ONE yet (except myself...& Dr. Putare):

Expect this tiny toddler & many more freak nuggets to greet you at the show.
Okie dokie, friends...gonna spend a few more moments in Hallow End for inspiration & I will see you on Friday!

September 13, 2013

The 13th.

Happy Friday the 13th, friends!....
Any order from my store TODAY gets this Jason Monster Mugshot FREE! Yeah horror!
& for my AUSTIN amigos, I scattered EIGHT of these bad boys in the planters along the pedestrian bridge along S. Lamar off Riverside. Follow me on Instagram for more FREE art drops along with @spratx who posts a butt load of free art from other Austin artists...FUN!

August 31, 2013

Something in the Water

Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that my first, SOLO art show will be opening on Friday, October 4th, down in my hometown of Harlingen, TX at the Harlingen Arts & Heritage Museum. I know it's a strange destination for a lot of you, but I have a lot of fun things planned that night & would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have you ALL there & build the excitement for the BEST Holiday ever, Halloween!
The exhibit will run until Nov. 18th. A lot more info is coming soon, but try to save the date...
Please help spread the word, amigos.

Some time ago in the small, rural town of Hallow End, strange occurrences began happening to the inhabitants in this isolated place. What first began with what seemed to be small birth defects turned into questions & confusion when adults (both young & old) began showing signs of odd behaviors & "transformations". These questions traveled to further, outside locations & soon fell on a particular set of ears eager to answer them: Dr. Herbert Putare. Upon visiting & investigating Hallow End while interviewing & testing the people living there, Dr. Putare's search eventually led him to Manus Springs, the only water supply for the tiny town. There he discovered an object which seemed to answer the question of why these bizarre things were happening but took him even deeper into unexplained territory. These are his findings....

August 25, 2013

Where be monsters? Here There Be Monsters!!

Hey guys! Long time no update, but I've been busy with stuff including locking myself in my studio & preparing new pieces for my FIRST SOLO ART SHOW("Something in the Water") opening October 4th in Harlingen, TX. More info on that later, but wanted to give you a heads up that I'll be setting up at Here There Be Monsters Con here in Austin TOMORROW from 11:30-7:30pm.

It's gonna be at Vuka on Monroe St. & should be a fun, nerdy time. I'll have a few goodies for you guys, so please come out & support some local talent. Here's their Facebook event with the lineup & all the info you need. Hope to see you there!

I've also been SO LUCKY to be included in a new toy company down in San Antonio called RETROBAND. Aaron is the badass who runs this company & has pumped out some AMAZING, limited edition figures all set in the horror genre:

His last release was "Jordy" from CREEPSHOW which he gave away five of my CREEPSHOW prints to the first buyers...
...they sold out super, duper fast & have caught the attention of some of the biggest horror blogs out there.
His NEXT release (scheduled for this coming Saturday, August 31st) is another character from the iconic 1982 film that will make you lose your head! He contacted me to design the packaging for for the figure & after I did SITTING BACKFLIPS from excitement, I scribbled out some nonsense which will house Aaron's horrific toy!:
So follow RETROBAND & buy ALL their upcoming figures or forever kick yourself. These guys WILL sell out fast...
Okay, hope to see you tomorrow, but for now, back to my cave to work on more new pieces for my art show....

June 21, 2013

Texas ComiCon

So the Spurs lost the NBA Finals & we're all crying that Lebron & his goons won the title. I also know we're all still SUPER bummed about the passing of James Gandolfini yesterday, but instead of sulking in our rooms with the curtains pulled tight, eating gabagool & watching True Romance & The Sopranos all day (which is what I totally want to do & WILL do soon), we can't forget about a FUN event happening all weekend down in San Antonio!
Yeppers, Texas ComiCon is here again & like last year, will be high fiving fun again...JUST ASK RO-CO!
"Who the hell is "Ro-Co?!"" you ask? Well's obviously Rob Perez & myself! We'll be sharing a table with awesome sauce covering every inch of it that we want you all to dip your bums into. We'll be at TABLE A39 in Artist Alley laughing into each other's faces while doing our best Tony Soprano Parker impressions, so come by & join the fun.
Here's a nifty map to find us:

If you swing by the table & I'm not there, I'll more than likely or DEFINITELY be 5 tables down staring gayly at the AMAZING Geof Darrow. I'm so in love with this guy's art, it's not even funny. I plan on stealing his right hand while he's not looking, removing MY right hand, then sewing HIS right hand where MY right hand used to be & THEN I'll be an artist!!! Brilliant, right?!
So I'll be taking commissions through out the weekend & having giveaways via Twitter too. Hopefully by that time I have the "Darrow Right Hand" sewn to my arm & your commissions will REALLY be awesome!
I'll also have a few copies of 'When the Evil Came':

 written by Fabian Rangel Jr. (who'll ALSO be at the show Table A14), so come pick one up & have us scribble on it.
So yeah, I really hope to see you there. Don't let the loss of Gandolfini or the Spurs keep you from coming out & having a grand ole time in San Antonio.
See you then, amigooooooos....

June 4, 2013

We can be HEROES...

Hello again friends! I told you I'd be bothering you again shortly & I'm a man of my word...

Comicpalooza was a blast & I enjoyed yet another stay in Houston. I'm already looking forward to coming back next year & hopefully catching a beautiful moment like THIS from Patrick Stewart which was the highlight of the convention. Seriously...that guys rules. Hard.

But enough about my undying love for Jean Luc, THIS weekend I'm heading to another Con which I've been SUPER excited to attend for a while now...
Heroes Con is located in Charlotte, North Carolina & is THE primo convention for CREATORS to get together & high five each other with praise. Seriously...everyone will be at this show & it's solely for the artists. Check out the lineup & tell me it won't rule. Hard.
So I'll be bringing a bunch of goodies & piling it on half of my table. Why only half?...because my buddy, Fabian Rangel Jr., will be my better half at the show selling his awesome books including the acclaimed, DOC UNKNOWN, which you should ALL be sticking your noses in. We'll both be at table 921 in Artist Alley right next to Indie Island. Click here or on the image below for a map of the show & where to find us, yo!:
I'll of course be taking commissions through out the weekend & also doing giveaways via Twitter. Really hope some of you come to the show & hang out if you're in the area!
ANOTHER thing I want to tell you is as I'm writing this a super funny, bloody, smart, rad sitcom is having it's second season premier over on FEARnet. That show is HOLLISTON, created from the mind of one of my favorite writer/directors: Adam Green. It stars Adam & the RAD Joe Lynch as college grads chasing their dreams to become horror filmmakers, whilst not quite making ends meet working at a local cable access station run by their glam-rock loving boss, Lance Rockett(played by Dee Snider). The main ensemble is rounded out by the amazing Corri English & Laura Ortiz & regular appearances by GWAR's Oderus Urungus as Adam's imaginary alien friend who lives in his closet. If you haven't seen it, see it.
Anyhoo...I met Adam & Joe almost two years ago at the Alamo Drafthouse here in Austin & we've luckily stayed in contact since then. I was approached a few weeks back by them to do a shirt design for HOLLISTON & I was excited to get at it! Now, just TODAY, they made the shirt available along with all kinds of other designs & goodies to choose from over at Adam's production company's page: Go check out the online store & here's the "Characters" T-Shirt design I did for them:

They come in ALL shapes & sizes, so BUY ONE...or 50!!
But again, I'm super excited to be a part of it & especially for them with the success of their show. Seriously...go watch it! Here's all the ways you can see it...

Okay amigos, see you in Charlotte THIS WEEKEND & then it's Texas ComiCon in San Antonio two weeks later!
Sleep?...what's that?!

May 23, 2013

Comicpalooza THIS weekend...

You guys! Did you all know that Houston, TX was founded in 1836 & named after General Sam Houston?! He was also an astronaut, created NASA & was a starting pitcher for the Astros(then the Colt .45s) way back in 1962. He pitched a no hitter at one point toooo!
Now that I educated you on this giant, Texas city, let me tell about something Houston related that you also may not be aware of:

That's right, May-time always brings back this nerdy, little convention, so of course I'll be climbing in my space shuttle & making my way out to it. Last year Comicpalooza proved to be one of my favorite conventions & with this year's lineup including Patrick Stewart, Danny Trejo, that girl who played that "tough girl"& that dude who played that one alien in Star Trek, it looks like it'll be just as fun!
I'll be sitting at TABLE 1019 in Artist Alley all weekend long with a table full of goodies. This'll be the first con where I'll have a few of my limited edition "Heads That Talk" screen prints too:

These are the Artist Proofs(limited to only 15), so swing by & grab'll be FUN!
If you're a VIP holder, you'll be getting a set of my Mutant Ninjas postcard set with a TON of other FREE stuff & opportunities:

...bring em by so I can sign them or pick up your own set if you're not a badge holder.
Along with that I'll have a few other neat things that I haven't had available before & will be doing commissions through out the weekend. I'll only be taking a few each day, so get at me if you want an ugly picture drawn by my right hand. It'll be worth a lot of money someday in some fantasy world. Oh yeah!...I'll be having giveaways all weekend long via Twitter. Give me a follow & win some free crapola!
My brother, Lance, will also have some of his prints, sketchbooks & taking commissions at the table, so here's your chance to get a Schibi Sandwich at once. YEAH!
All the times & events & table numbers & guests & "ALL THAT JAZZ!!!" can be found on the COMiCPALOOZA website or their Facebook page. Really hope to see some of your smiling faces there. & a heads up that I'll be in North Carolina in two weeks for HeroesCon, so if you're in the area come point & laugh at me! More info on that later....

May 2, 2013

May the 4th Be With You....

This Saturday will be a nerd-gasm of EPIC proportions!

Not only is it FREE COMIC BOOK DAY at every comic shop around the nation, but it's also MAY 4th...& we all know what that means, right?!?! Okay...maybe we all don't, so let me tell you:

May 4th is considered an international holiday by STAR WARS fans to celebrate the films & praise that Skywalker guy as much, if not more, than that Waterwalker guy. There's a lot of events going on in honor of this date including the ALWAYS thrilling ARTSLAM!  in San Antonio(which you guys should totally go to if you're in the area), but I'll be heading a little further south with my twin sister, Princess Leia....I mean twin BROTHER, Lance!, to partake in some festivities down in Laredo, TX.
The bad asses at LEGACY COMICS (where I did a signing at a few months back with my buddy, Fabian) asked my bro & I, along with current All New X-Men artist Dave Marquez, to hang out at their amazing shop for the day to do some signing, sketching, high-fiving, wookie-impressions & whatever else may happen! LEGACY will have OVER 5000 FREE COMICS to give away, so there's NO reason to miss this! They'll also be holding a raffle for a chance to get some FREE sketches from Lance, Dave & I. On top of that there's a lot of other fun activities including costume contests planned which you can read about on their site or at the Facebook event, so yeah...come nerd out with us.
I'll have a bunch of prints, original art & a VERY LIMITED amount of Fabian & I's 'When The Evil Came' comic.

If you can't make it out, you better at least go out to YOUR local comic book shop & support them. They really do make life better! Here's a link to FCBD signings all over the country & hopefully near you...
Alrighty, hope to see you there & of course:
"May the 4th Be With You!"

March 27, 2013

Return of the Cult Classics

Hello again friends!
I know a lot of you are getting ready to put on your bunny-eared, Sherlock Holmes hat & search out cheerfully-colored eggs hoping you find the gold one with the $5 bill in it, but don't waste ALL your excitement on that this weekend! I'm here to inform you Cadbury Creme Egg eating 
mofos about a show the day before Easter that you CAN NOT MISS. This unmissable show is of course:
ARTSLAM!: Return of the Cult Classics!

Not the Ian Astbury singing 'FIRE WOMAN' kind of "Cult Classic", but those lovable, intoxicating films that have burrowed their way deep into our hearts. Some of my favorite movies of ALL TIME are considered "Cult" movies & they continue to withstand the test of time. I mean, who DOESN'T love Rocky Horror? Or annoyingly repeat "What's in the basket?" when thinking about the GREAT 'Basket Case'? Or bow down to the brilliant, Oscar-worthy performance from Tommy Wiseau in 'The Room'? If you answered "I don't" to ANY of those, then we can't be friends anymore. BUT IT'S NOT TOO LATE FOR YOU!
THIS Saturday you can be introduced to a crazy mob of artists & musicians who will be bringing to life all kinds of character & themes from Cult movies of all genres RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES! I'll also be live painting alongside these kool-aid drinking fools & I'm excited to get one of my favorite cult "heroes" out of my decapitated head that night. Come by & see what it isssss! I'll also be FINALLY releasing another Monster MugShot adding to my never-ending series. This new one falls perfectly in the category of "CULT" & is the star of one of slasher movie's BEST, MOST SHOCKING ENDINGS EVER!!! She wants to say "hi" actually. What a minute..."SHE?!" That's right, my first "female" Monster MugShot is none other than:
Angela Baker from 1983's 'SLEEPAWAY CAMP':

This will be her debut into the world, so please swing by & take her home with you!(hopefully you last the night) I will also have all my other Monster MugShots available, so no better time to collect them all!! If you're going make sure to give me a follow on Twitter too as I'll be having giveaways through out the show.

Alright amigos, just to be clear on what you're doing this weekend:
Saturday, March 30th, ARTSLAM!, San Antonio, The White Rabbit, 7pm
...all the info is right here for your eyeballs too.

March 12, 2013

"Making New Friends"

Well...yesterday was a blast at the SXSW reCREATE Austin event at Castle Hill organized by HOPE & Empty Kingdom. The rain threatened us up until the morning of the show, but moved along just in time. So thank you Mr. Rain...I like you, but I like painting with my friends more.  & that's just what we did!
It was a lot of fun seeing so many talented artists attack the walls & turn every corner of them into works of art. Great to finally meet/see Tristan Eaton work his magic with the cans too!
Below are a few pics of me rocking out my wall & "making new friends". Thanks to the sponsors & everyone who came out.
No thanks to the sunburn I received...:

March 6, 2013

South By So What's Going On?

Hello again friends! I just removed the staples from my eyelids & as I rest my eyes I can reflect on this past weekend's awesome STAPLE! Independent Media Expo.  It was a lot of fun & thanks to everyone who came out & especially to Jeremy for the 300lb. bag of Haribo Gummi Bears!!

I can't rest my eyes for TOO long, however, as a little-bitty festival is hitting Austin THIS Friday.  You may have heard of of this four-letter, two-week party that contains two-"S"s, an "X" & a "W"...  That's right, SXSW is back. Hipsters will be swarming Austin with their tight jeans, v-necks, thick-rimmed glasses & singing songs from bands you've never heard of. Along with all the "too cool for school" kids, there's a CRAZY amount of "too cool for school" EVENTS! TWO of which I'm lucky to be a part of & I'll be sharing those with you RIGHT NOW:

This first comes from local, fine-art toy shop & gallery, GUZU GALLERY. They invited 20 artists to choose a beloved music icon or band that has inspired us & allowed us to create a piece of art using that inspiration. There were, however, three conditions:
ONE: The artwork must be a screen print.
TWO: The artwork must be album cover size.
THREE: The artwork must cost only $25.
OH!...& FOUR: The artwork must rule your face, of course! So with these as the only stipulations, I dove in to create my FIRST screen print EVER for:
DEEP CUTS: 12" Tributes to our Favorite Music Heroes
Since my print has already been revealed on Poster District, I can share it here & cross my fingers that you guys like it. I chose a group that has been a huge inspiration for me & still remains one of my favorite bands today, TALKING HEADS.  And now my piece for the show:
"Heads That Talk":
This is a 3-color screen print, signed/numbered limited to only 40 which was beautifully printed by local, high-fiving buddies: Nakatomi Inc. I've seen the majority of the prints in this show & ALL you guys need to make it out to see them in person! Opening reception will be THIS Thursday, March 7th from 7-10pm. There will be live music & complimentary beverages which gives you even MORE reason to be there! All the info & RSVP is here at their Facebook events page or just SHOW UP! The show & art will stay up until April 7th, but if you can't make it you can order any or all of the remaining prints online at Guzu's shop starting Sunday. & remember...they're ALL ONLY $25 EACH!

The SECOND event is happening a few days later THIS Sunday, March 10th. HOPE & Empty Kingdom have come together to present an ALL DAY art installation which brings artists together to cover a massive, three-story-tall, outdoor urban space that has emerged into one of the largest outdoor galleries in the country. This event is:

This will run 12-7pm & will include 50 bad ass, mural artists working simultaneously including heavy hitters Tristan Eaton & David Flores. I have absolutely no idea what I'll be splattering on my 13'x11' portion of the wall since I'm a master procrastinator-bater, but come noon on Sunday, "something" will begin to appear.
This show is gonna be a MONSTER with a lot of cool things happening through out, so come soak up the sun, sip refreshing drinks & come motivate us with your high fives. All the info is provided here & they're looking for volunteers that Sunday & the Saturday before to prep, so if you can offer a bit of your time, please consider it!
I really hope to see you at one or BOTH of these FREE events. Come out & support artists!...we need it!!
Be safe amigos....

February 27, 2013

STAPLE! your eyelids open...

(please DON'T try this at home...or anywhere for that matter!):
Carefully pull your eyelids up towards your forehead.
With your free hand, grab a powerful STAPLE gun & blast a single STAPLE through each eyelid to your forehead.
Now don't miss a thing!!

Now that I have your unblinking attention as your eyes begin to dry up reading this, I MUST tell you about what's going on this weekend.  You know those things that you just shot into your head?...well...THAT'S what's going on this weekend!!:

Yep...Austin's Independent Media Expo: STAPLE! is once again upon us & it once again brings a small army of illustrators, writers, podcasters, farters, letterers, colorists, cosplayers, performers & all those other things that make it what it is. It's kicking off THIS Saturday at The Marchesa Hall & I really hope you can swing by for the festivities. I'll be sitting in the ANNEX at TABLE 78 staring at the handsome & talented Rob Perez whom I'm sharing a table with. I'll have some prints, books, crap & doing a few commissions over the weekend, while Rob will be offering some of his prints, shirts & other goodies for your walls & different body parts. Just come by & allow us to artistically satisfy you. If we fall short of that(which happens occasionally)there are over a HUNDRED other exhibitors to visually stimulate you.
So come on down! All the info can be found on the STAPLE! site or their Faebook events page.

Alright guys! I have a lot of other fun things planned for March, so check back next week with more info about upcoming events.

February 18, 2013

God Hates Astronauts

Hey guys!
I'm excited to share something I worked on a while back that's pretty damn amazing:
Ryan Browne is a comic book artist/writer based out of Chicago & he has the COOLEST comic ever printed on paper AND ever to grace the screens of all things connected to the interweb. That comic is GOD HATES ASTRONAUTS! You can read the three issue radness here FOR FREE AND you can throw a little money in his direction to OWN even more radness that may be a little too much to handle! Ryan has started his Kickstarter for "The Completely Complete Edition" of God Hates Astronauts which is packed with 180 pages of brilliance sandwiched in between a beautifully illustrated hardcover.   I'm super pumped to have illustrated an origin story of one of his characters in this(Sir Hippothesis(here's a peek)):
....along with a CRAZY amount of other artists that blow my mind!
Don't take my word for it(even though I've already seen every page of this bad boy & my jaw is still on the floor), watch the video, head to the site & see for yourself all the neat things you can cuddle with & be a part of creating THE GREATEST COMIC BOOK EVER!

February 12, 2013

Laredo?...more like La-RAD-o!!

Hey friends!
Just wanted to share this video recap from the signing Fabian Rangel Jr. & I had over at Legacy Comics this past Saturday.  High five to video guy Ramon Villegas Jr. & especially to Chris & his crew down at guys rule.
Thanks to all who came out & made it awesome!

February 4, 2013

Run For The Border!

Hello again friends!
Hopefully your team won that SuperDuperBowl game thingy. Or if they weren't in it, hopefully they win it next year.
Anyway...ARTSLAM!'s Seven Year Anniversary Jam on January 26th was a massive success & a LOT of fun. I'd like to once again thank LIZ & ROB PEREZ for always being such amazing hosts & making San Antonio feel like a second home for me! BUFF MONSTER, NYCHOS & LAMOUR SUPREME destroyed the walls of the White Rabbit with their crazy skills & we all had a brief "No Pants Bromance":
(L-R: Deadbeat Hero, Nik Soupé, Buff Monster, Nychos, Lamour Supreme & I)

I also followed Lionel Ritchie's advice & painted "ALL NIGHT LONG!" that night & my giant, blue, ice-cream eating, monster creation went to a happy home with the winning bidder:
But enough about that RAD show that you hopefully didn't miss, I need to tell you about something else super fun & exciting that's happening THIS Saturday, Feb. 9th!
I'll be heading for the border Taco Bell style to LEGACY COMICS in Laredo, TX. I'm not going solely for the tacos & delicious, authentic, mexican food that I grew up with, but I'll be signing that little horror comic I illustrated called 'WHEN THE EVIL CAME'. The writer of the horror-flip book, Fabian Rangel Jr., will also be down there scribbling his name, so if you're in the area please come down & hang out with us!  I mean...just look how we party!!:
Fabian will also have some of his other books there including his newest, amazing piece of work, LOS MUERTOS, & I'll have some prints & other goodies to do a little dance in front of your eyeballs. With my twin brother, Lance, also coming along, there should be plenty of awesome things to keep you entertained! RSVP & all the info about the event is located HEREbut here's the general info:
LEGACY COMICS, Laredo, TX, Feb. 9th, Noon-4pm signing
Oh! & check out Laredo's local News promote the last name is yet again too smart for people to pronounce correctly. WIN!:
If you're not able to make the signing, remember you can still order the comic from my store where I'll sign it AND draw a nifty little sketch for ya too. Grab it!
BUT that's not ALL that's happening this Saturday. Remember that guy, ROB PEREZ, I mentioned earlier above? He's an amazing artist & he's having his FIRST solo exhibit in San Antonio at SILKWöRM STUDIO & GALLERY. His new series of work is "SWEATERMEN" & you must experience it in person. Show opening runs 7-11pm & here's all the info for the event here.
I've got a lot of things lined up for next month that I'm excited to share with you, so until then....
Hope to see you all sooooooon!