November 21, 2012

GET SICK this Thanksgiving!

Do you smell that?!

Ah yes...that all too familiar scent of turkey nestling itself by steaming mashed potatoes, a savory mound of homemade stuffing, green bean casserole, a fluffy, buttery roll & whatever else you can pile/balance on your plate JENGA style. It's that time of the Holidays where it's okay & even expected for us to gorge ourselves by cramming ridiculous amounts of food into the largest hole in our body. It's enough to make you sick, really.  AND if it doesn't make you burp up your third helping, then I have just the thing that will!:
That's right you little turkey killers! Starting at midnight TONIGHT I'll be having a tiny sale at my online store & ThanksGIVING AWAY a FREE, signed 'LoveSick' print to any & ALL orders that are $15 or more to guarantee you get sick this Thanksgiving!  Not only that, but EVERY SINGLE ORDER gets FREE matter how big or small it is! (That's what she said!)
I've also queued up a succulent amount of NEW goodies for the store which include more than FIFTEEN pieces of ORIGINAL ART!
Now's your chance to grab a one of a kind, totally original painting or illustration for yourself or that crazy friend of yours this Holiday.
So all you have to do is head to my store, poke around all the stuffing I've added, put it in your virtual shopping cart & upon checkout enter the discount code:
...then BURP!! You're done!
The discount code & print giveaway will only be available from tonight 12am Nov. 22nd until 11:59pm Nov. 30th. So you have NINE full days to take advantage of this.
Alright guys...THANK YOU & I'll see you sooooooooooon

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