October 24, 2012

Austin Comic Con ENGAGE!

Holy CRAP this year has flown by faster than the USS Enterprise at Warp 9!

Exactly a year ago I entered the convention scene with my first table in my home base at Austin Comic Con. I've since had a busy year & now I'm face to face with the geeky beast again! That's right, THIS weekend(ALREADY?!) is
& with that means great artists, outrageous costumes, adjustments of taped glasses & awesome celebs from all those shows we've watched with our eyeballs. Celebs like that guy who was Darth Maul, those dudes from The Walking Dead, that guy who played TV Superman & the WHOLE damn cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation!! Yep...even Wil "Leeches On His Balls" Wheaton will be there. But who cares about all of them when "THE (mother effing)SITUATION" WILL BE THERE dominating the Convention Center with his Majestic Abdominal Ray of Sexiness! Don't take my word for it, check out the ridiculous lineup of the peeps who are going to be there.
Other things that will also be there in awe of THE SITUATION's Six-Pack of Glory will be piled on my table. I'll have original paintings/illustrations, prints, posters, Monster MugShots & other things to hopefully make you happy. I'll also be bringing 25 of my SOLD OUT "oddities/deformities" art book which will ALL be signed & have custom sketches in em. FUN!

AND with the Con being only a few days before the coolest Holiday on the calendar, I thought it would be fun if YOU GUYS dressed up & I gave YOU a treat! So a fun, easy contest/giveaway crawled out of my head that I hope you ALL participate in! I've included a high res, downloadable image below. All you have to do is print one out & draw a rad mask on the kiddo! Con goers just need to bring it up to my table (#2219...ONE per person) & not only will you get a high five, but you'll also get something FOR FREE! If you're unable to attend, STILL draw a rad mask on the kiddo & post it on TWITTER, my FACEBOOK page, tag me on TUMBLR, email it, WHEREVERas long as I see it! I will pick my favorite of the designs, give you ALL mental high fives & then I'll send my original, ink illustration & other goodies to that selected artist. ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE IN BY NOV. 1ST! The wiener will be selected on Nov. 2nd. Now GO HAVE FUN WITH IT!!
In addition to this little contest/giveaway I'll also be having giveaways throughout the weekend via TWITTER for those of you going. So give me follow & win MORE stuff!
ALL of this (including my brother & I) will be at TABLE 2219 in ARTIST ALLEY all weekend long. I really hope to see your smiling faces there!

October 9, 2012

Trick 'r Treat YO!

Hey everyone! In case you've been wandering around in a daze for over a week it's THE BEST MONTH EVER INVENTED! Yep, not only was I unleashed into this crazy world this month some time ago, but OCTOBER also hosts the most amazing sights, sounds AND smells those other 11 months have been super jealous of their entire lives. But really ONE THING alone hoists October up on the tallest pedestal...HALLOWEEN! Costumes, candy, jack-o-lanterns, kids, tricks, treats, screams, scares, etc., etc., etc... BUT do you know where you can experience ALL OF THAT in under 2 hours including little dogs eating human fingers?!:

This already classic Halloween movie from 2007 takes the 'CREEPSHOW' & 'TALES FROM THE CRYPT' approach with four interwoven tales set on a dark, bloody Halloween night.  & lucky for you CITY BASE CINEMAS with BLOOD THIRSTY THURSDAYS in San Antonio is having a screening of it on Oct. 18th for your viewing pleasure! Not only that, but ARTOPSY PRODUCTIONS high-fived me with a request to create a LIMITED EDITION, 18x24 poster for the occasion. I of course said "YES!" in fear of SAM tormenting me on Halloween & this is what my excited right hand created:
So 70 of these will be released at the screening (which you can ORDER here & have them conveniently shipped to you for FREE) & I'll also have 30 signed AP copies which will be released at Austin Comic Con Oct. 26-28th. I'm super excited to do this, so please come to the showing &/or grab a poster for support & make this an ongoing thing! There will also be giveaways, a special menu for that evening & a lot more cool things planned for the screening...more info/TIX/etc. HERE!
UPDATE: These posters have LONG since sold out, but you can purchase an 11x17 art print of this at my online store HERE.