September 12, 2012

Melmacianus Vermilinguas

"What type of animal is ALF?"

...that's a good question & I'm glad you came here for the answer.
People want you to believe he's an "Alien Life Form", but that was merely his role on the popular 1980's sitcom appropriately titled: "ALF".
ALF actually falls in the mammal species of the suborder: Melmacianus Vermilinguas.  With some relation to the Ant Eater, ALF is a Cat Eater, but due to our way of life & values, he is fed other food. ALFs have 8 stomachs & their heart is located inside their head. They can live extremely long lives as this particular ALF was born on October 28, 1756 & was named Gordon Shumay.
So there you have it...ALF joins the ranks of Lassie & Mr. Ed as one of the most famous animal actors of our time.
ALF - Melmacianus Vermilinguas

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