September 10, 2012

High Kicks AND High Fives!


It's that time of year again my fellow ninjas.
I've been busy with my bonsai garden & meditating in my local landfill catching ALL the flies with chopsticks the past few weeks.  "Why?!" you ask?  Well, ARTSLAM! is unleashing a flurry of high kicks & high fives THIS COMING SATURDAY in San Antonio by bringing back the kick ass:
Last year was definitely a (Sub Zero ice) BLAST & this event will be no different.  Great artists, a Mortal Kombat video game tournament, great LIVE music & MORE will be inspiring your eyeballs & earholes throughout the night. Last year I introduced my MUTANT NINJAS mini prints (which were well received & will be available again at this show) & I plan on completing the "MUTANT" family by painting their master LIVE at the show. Radioactive Radness!!
So make it a plan to infiltrate The White Rabbit on Saturday with your best kung fu moves & come karate chop my hand! More info over at ARTSLAM!'s Facebook event here.

Hope to see you this Saturday in San Antonio so I can deliver a "Daniel San(NOT Will Smith's son!) CRANE KICK" to your face for Mr. Miyagi's approval.


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