September 27, 2012

Pardee Picks on JUXTAPOZ

So a few weeks ago I was contacted by my high five buddy Alex Pardee letting me know not only about the issue of JUXTAPOZ he recently curated(go get this...seriously), but that he was also curating their WEBSITE for a month!  He sent over a questionnaire & simply said he wanted to feature me on their site.
I'm super excited & humbled to be included on the list of MANY crazy, inspiring artists he's showcasing.
& here's the said questionnaire he had me (& all his other picks) fill out. This also explains my retarded ALF illustration/post below:
Fun times!

September 12, 2012

Melmacianus Vermilinguas

"What type of animal is ALF?"

...that's a good question & I'm glad you came here for the answer.
People want you to believe he's an "Alien Life Form", but that was merely his role on the popular 1980's sitcom appropriately titled: "ALF".
ALF actually falls in the mammal species of the suborder: Melmacianus Vermilinguas.  With some relation to the Ant Eater, ALF is a Cat Eater, but due to our way of life & values, he is fed other food. ALFs have 8 stomachs & their heart is located inside their head. They can live extremely long lives as this particular ALF was born on October 28, 1756 & was named Gordon Shumay.
So there you have it...ALF joins the ranks of Lassie & Mr. Ed as one of the most famous animal actors of our time.
ALF - Melmacianus Vermilinguas

September 10, 2012

High Kicks AND High Fives!


It's that time of year again my fellow ninjas.
I've been busy with my bonsai garden & meditating in my local landfill catching ALL the flies with chopsticks the past few weeks.  "Why?!" you ask?  Well, ARTSLAM! is unleashing a flurry of high kicks & high fives THIS COMING SATURDAY in San Antonio by bringing back the kick ass:
Last year was definitely a (Sub Zero ice) BLAST & this event will be no different.  Great artists, a Mortal Kombat video game tournament, great LIVE music & MORE will be inspiring your eyeballs & earholes throughout the night. Last year I introduced my MUTANT NINJAS mini prints (which were well received & will be available again at this show) & I plan on completing the "MUTANT" family by painting their master LIVE at the show. Radioactive Radness!!
So make it a plan to infiltrate The White Rabbit on Saturday with your best kung fu moves & come karate chop my hand! More info over at ARTSLAM!'s Facebook event here.

Hope to see you this Saturday in San Antonio so I can deliver a "Daniel San(NOT Will Smith's son!) CRANE KICK" to your face for Mr. Miyagi's approval.


September 7, 2012

Hey you PINHEADS....

Happy Birthday to head cenobite DOUG BRADLEY!

Good ole Pinhead turns 58 today & to celebrate I'll be giving away my Pinhead Monster MugShot to TWO random winners. Instead of going to HELL to see him, he'll be shipped RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR!
Simply LIKE my Facebook page & share this &/or follow me on Twitter & RT to enter. Winners will be selected late tonight.
Cheers Doug...

September 2, 2012

My "Nightmarish World"

Hey friends!
Just a quickie to let you know I was featured over at JUXTAPOZ's website.

It's very cool & exciting for me, so take a moment to check it out & share with your friends, enemies & lovers!