August 17, 2012

We've Got Issues...AND Monsters!

Who in their right mind doesn't like taking a box of crayons or markers & going ape shit in a coloring book? The black & white pages scream for your interpretation of the world, be it purple & orange trees or a green dog with dark blue spots.  Staying within the lines on these pre-illustrated images is optional, & when someone has issues like myself, it's impossible. & speaking of who has issues:

"We've Got Issues" is Color Ink Book's 4th Annual Art Show filled with insanely talented artists from all over this colorful land called Earth that have graced the inside issues of The Bros. Washburn's periodical. Some of my favorite people will be contributing, so having the chance to create two new pieces to hang along side them made me more excited than The Pointer Sisters
So the show opens TOMORROW, Aug. 18th at WWA Gallery in Culver City, CA. They've already put up a preview of the amazing black & white art which can be viewed & purchased RIGHT HERE.  Here's a peek at my two illustrations:
If you're in or around the area definitely make it to this show.  & be sure to pick up a volume or 1000 of Color Ink's always quality stuff!

While I have you here I want to let you know about another show I'll be a part of next weekend.  Here There Be Monsters Con is a very new comic, gaming & collectible convention that's making their debut with a quick one-day setup here in Austin on Sunday, Aug 26th at the ND Austin. I'll have a table filled with prints & fun stuff & oh yeah...THIS con has a BAR!, so try to come high five me.  Like their Facebook page or their Events page for more info & updates.

Thanks friends!

August 6, 2012


Take your protein pills & put your helmet on because THIS weekend is:
Yep, Houston, TX, is hosting another convention that should be a total blast.  Not only will Tracy Hickman(co creator of DRAGONLANCE...the geeky, fantasy world I traveled through as a youngster)be there but super rad & Captain Kirk's hot kiss, Nichelle Nichols AKA Uhura will be making the Con a cooler place too.  Speaking of which, NASA's 'Curiosity' JUST landed on Mars a few hours ago & snapped the photo below which is my new print being released at the show..
I believe these will be crammed in the VIP bags, but you can also swing by my table & pick one up along with a complimentary high five. Where's my table you ask?  GREAT question & in anticipation of that question I made this magical map on where I'll be all weekend:
So I'll be awkwardly staring at Nick Pitarra from TABLE AA-6 in WOODWAY HALL II at the Westin Galleria with all the other drawing people. & the list of artists & creators is a great one.  Check it out here
Just like other conventions, I'll be taking commissions through out & having giveaways as well.  Follow me on Twitter for the FREE stuff announcements or just bring me a bag of Haribo Gummi Bears & I'll give you everything I own!
I'm super excited to be back inside you Houston since you were so nice to me at Comicpalooza. I'll be making this EXACT descent into the Space City this Friday...see you there amigos.

August 2, 2012

Another Horrific Birthday...

That's correct-a-mundo. Horror master & creator of TWO of the biggest slashers of all time is turning the magical 73 today.  So let's all sing "Happy Birthday" to Mr. Wes Craven!
In honor of his day of birth, I'll be giving away TWO of my Monster MugShots of said "slashers" via Twitter.  All you have to do is follow me & RT the giveaway info & you're entered to win! Allow Ghostface & Freddy to come to your home & do with you what they will...
This contest will ONLY run through today, so you have 24 hours to eat cake & enter to win one of THESE Monster MugShots:
We raise our goblets of blood to you WES CRAVEN for the inspiration & dirty knickers you've given us all! Thanks for the nightmares...