May 3, 2012


Sorry if I scared you & created the need to change your undies, but there's something AWESOME going on THIS weekend that I had to share with you that will definitely scare you more! YES...even more awesome & scarier than playing basketball with Mama Fratelli.
Texas Frightmare Weekend is throwing their annual shindig in Dallas, TX & it's guaranteed to make your eye sockets bleed from all the sweetness they'll be shoveling in your face. Simply look at this lineup & just try to tell me this will not rule. Due to other high-fiving plans however, I will not be able to attend, but would love to live vicariously through those of you who CAN go. Speaking of those going, Bunny Voodoo & the bad asses from Austin's own Blood Over Texas will be there with lot's of goodies. They've even loaded their vehicle with some of my junk to sell at the show including some art prints, my 'Oddities/Deformities' book & of course my 'Monster MugShots' which should fit in perfectly there:
So definitely go check BLOOD OVER TEXAS out & visit their website as they have a lot of GREAT things & events planned.

I also wanted to give you lovely people a reminder of a few conventions coming up that I'll be hoping to see your smiling faces at.
In THREE weeks Comicpalooza will be happening in Houston.  I was asked to do an exclusive print for the show which will be included in the VIP bag as well as for sale at the event. I'm a few weeks away from being able to release the image, but this "chopped up" teaser will hopefully excite you:
I'll also be providing free high fives at Texas ComiCon June 22-24 in San Antonio & Austin Comic Con in October where a new batch of 'Monster MugShots' will be released.  More info on all of those the closer we get....
Oh yeah...The Sketchbook Project is on tour again, so check out their stops to see if they're in a city near you & go fondle my sketchbook.  They're in Chicago this weekend, so go(that is...if you're not going to Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas or seeing Tom Petty in Austin).
Okay...bye now.

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