February 12, 2012

We Having Fun Yet?

So I'm finally getting around to telling you about my adventures the past few weeks.  Not really gonna "tell" you, more like show you with pictures of certain moments frozen in time forever & ever.

Two weeks ago was ARTSLAM!'s sixth year anniversary show.  It was a whirlwind of fried brussel sprouts, Ben Stiller Alamos, a lady VERY excited about a man stacking kegs on his head, paint fumes, delicious cupcakes & grunge kids.  I'm sure that won't make sense to pretty much ALL of you reading this, but a few of us know what this means.  I won't leave you readers out anymore...
Let me tell you...I mean SHOW you the story of ARTSLAM! 666(shown by the worst storyshower in the world):

Once upon a time it was ARTSLAM! 666 Maximus Erectus in San Antonio, TX.
ARTSLAM! creator/organizer/masterminder/camouflager Rob Perez aka Deadbeat Hero drank paint for inspiration:
Alex Pardee physically flew in to paint on walls:
Cody Schibi painted with his magical, Harry Potter finger:
Skinner traveled to San Antonio via ladder to paint:
L'Amour Supreme rode a giant, one-eyed, winged skull into Texas to paint:
Cody Schibi's LIVE painting looked like this:
L'Amour & Cody enjoyed a portrait of the Commandant from the Police Academy movies who coincidentally founded San Antonio in 1666:
Alex, Skinner, L'Amour's painting looked like this:
They all held this position for two days surviving on digested cupcakes:
Liz Perez & Holly Brown helped us ALL survive with their loveliness:
Liz, Rob, Holly, Cody, Alex, Skinner & L'Amour ALL ran around in a circle 750 feet above the Earth's surface:
Cody Schibi, Alex Pardee, Deadbeat Hero, L'Amour Supreme & Skinner hugged it out:
Cody went on to star in 'Forrest Hump':

Wow.  That really was the worst story ever & all over the damn place! Needless to say that this show kicked major ass.  Amazing bands & artists were ALL over the place creating a beautifully orchestrated show of chaotic brilliance! Thanks to everyone who came out & the new friends made.  You can view more photos & wrap-ups of the show at ARTSLAM!'s page, Skinner's page, MishkaNYC's page, Alex's page & whatever else google pulls up! Here's a great video wrap up shot & edited by David Alexander:
OH! & Skinner just released his art book about a week ago.  Go buy it....now!
So exactly a week later I flew to Detroit for the opening of "LoveSick", the three-person art show I was fortunate enough to be a part of.  LIFT Gallery owner Kent Alverson & his lovely wife were extremely welcoming & awesome.  Heather Hansma & Josh Buckenberger are the other two massively talented artists in the exhibit who were my high-fiving homies for the night. (Oh & Kill Taupe needs a shout out for sharing his french fries w/ me! Cheers & thanks big boy!)
So since my sleep-deprived self failed to operate a camera successfully that evening, go check out Hansma's site for some photos of the opening.
You can also view & purchase ALL the artwork from the show HERE.  Go make your walls (& us artists) happy with some original goodies!  Here are three of the eight pieces I did for the show:
Thanks again to everyone who took the time to say "hello" at the opening & if you're in the area, stop by LIFT.  "LoveSick" will be up thru March 4th….

& be sure to follow me on Twitter for more updates & some art sharing….FUN!

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