January 25, 2012

Straight up SICK & EVIL!

Hello friends!
I seriously haven't been taking a really long nap lately(though I'm in dire need of one).  Instead I've been treating my studio like a prison cell.  Nooo....I haven't been doing thousands of push ups & sit ups while turning my toothbrush into a shank & turning my face into THIS , but have been locked in total isolation hard at work on some exciting things. Allow me to share with you...

First off THIS Saturday, January 28th, is another ARTSLAM! event I'm lucky enough to be apart of that will make you even MORE excited than finding Blastoise.  You think THAT kid has a "Maximus Erectus"?! It's ARTSLAM!'s SIXTH year anniversary show & they're bringing in some BIG guns to celebrate: 
Mind-twisting artists Alex Pardee, Skinner & L'Armour Supreme will ALL be on hand flinging paint & high fiving all night long.  Head ARTSLAM! honcho & mastermind Rob Perez, aka Deadbeat Hero, was awesome enough to print up some shirts I designed for the evening which will be on sale (& some even GIVEN away!) at the show.  Try to snag one & make your chest sexier with this very limited edition shirt:
So yeah...I(along w/ 20+ other artists!) will be there LIVE painting away as well(& high fiving as well) & have some other goodies available like my 'Oddities/Deformities' mini art book & prints. This is gonna be a great one filled with amazing live music/art & I want you ALL there to experience the "Maximus Erectus"! Please come by & say "yo".... Here's everything you need to know about the show & how to even get advanced tickets: ARTSLAM!: Maximus Erectus.
OH YEAH!  Give me a follow on TWITTER if you plan on making it out too.  I'm known to have giveaways sporadically on Twitter anyway(so give me a follow regardless!), but through out that night I'll be giving away some FREE goodies to my followers that'll be 100% FREE! Yep....you read that redundant sentence correctly! FREE GIVEAWAY THAT'S 100% FREE!

Speaking of painting & maximus erections...I've been doing just that like crazy the last few months in anticipation of "LoveSick", a three-person show consisting of the talented Heather Hansma, Josh Buckenberger & myself.
Opening reception will be NEXT Saturday, Feb. 4th, 7-10pm, at LIFT Gallery in Detroit.  I've completed eight new pieces for the show that I can't wait to share with you, so if you're in the area come say "hi" to my paintings....they may just high five you back & force you to take them home with you.  All paintings will be up online for purchase that Saturday night for those that can't make it, so check back as I'll be posting all information & paintings right here.  Here's my sneak peek, promotional piece that I'll have prints of at ARTSLAM! this Saturday & available at my store soon!:

& after all this madness finally winds down I'll again be entering my padded prison cell & begin work on my first comic books.  Damn! Is that an "s" at the end of "comic book"?! Sure is.  I have TWO titles I'll be illustrating this year which I'm very excited about.  The first being "When the Evil Came" written by Fabian Rangel Jr. who I bumped into at Austin Comic Con where this idea was spawned & the other being "BULLMOOSE" written by my twin broseph Lance Schibi who I bumped into in my mum's womb.
Here's a promo image of "When the Evil Came"(which is obviously a comedic, love story about a family of cute, cuddly bears with a unicorn as a landlord):
Alright amigos...hope to see you all at the shows!

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