December 12, 2012

"Holidaze Monster"

I'm currently practicing my vinyl toy painting skills for an upcoming show next year that I'm extremely excited about.  It has some big wigs, so to be asked to join it was humbling & made me aware that I don't know crap-ola about customizing blank figures! 
This festive guy here is my VERY FIRST attempt at this thing the kids call "customization".  I'll be putting all my "TESTS" in my store as I paint them, so please continue to check back.

December 10, 2012


Ho Ho Ho MoFos!

It was only a few weeks ago that we all got together with friends & crammed food & drink down our throats as a way to give thanks. NOW it's time to do it again! Yes, this is what the Holidays are all about. Sharing special moments, making memories & figuring out our wishes & resolutions for the new, upcoming year. I'm no mind reader, but I'm offering something crazy that hopefully SOME of you are wishing for!
......& that "something crazy" is:
Yippee!  With this "HOLIDAZE TIME!!!" comes a brand new piece of art that is special & available ONLY for this time of year! My never released 'Monstress With A Flower" print has a fresh, holiday colored scheme & only 25 of you lucky, good children will be the owners of it. That's correct...this is a LIMITED EDITION print signed & numbered to ONLY 25 & then they're GONE FOREVER!
Not only that but every $20 you spend at my shop you receive a Monster MugShot of your choice for FREE!:
AND ALL orders $30 or more gets FREE SHIPPING!(Be sure to enter the discount code: HOLIDAZE & let me know which Monster MugShot print(s) you want when completing your order)  There's plenty of garbage to choose from over there, so please consider supporting independent artists & giving some art as your holiday gifts this year. "HOLIDAZE TIME!!!" runs now until the first day of 2013!


December 5, 2012

BOOGIE interview

Back in October was Austin Comic Con & I luckily met a lot of new friends! Some of these "new friends" sat me down & asked some questions about my art, life & other random nonsense.
Here's one that just came to light from Chuck over at Boogie Bot Monthly. Go read words that I said with my mouth if you're completely bored.
Thanks again to Chuck & Boogie Bot Monthly for using some of their precious time on this planet on me...

November 21, 2012

GET SICK this Thanksgiving!

Do you smell that?!

Ah yes...that all too familiar scent of turkey nestling itself by steaming mashed potatoes, a savory mound of homemade stuffing, green bean casserole, a fluffy, buttery roll & whatever else you can pile/balance on your plate JENGA style. It's that time of the Holidays where it's okay & even expected for us to gorge ourselves by cramming ridiculous amounts of food into the largest hole in our body. It's enough to make you sick, really.  AND if it doesn't make you burp up your third helping, then I have just the thing that will!:
That's right you little turkey killers! Starting at midnight TONIGHT I'll be having a tiny sale at my online store & ThanksGIVING AWAY a FREE, signed 'LoveSick' print to any & ALL orders that are $15 or more to guarantee you get sick this Thanksgiving!  Not only that, but EVERY SINGLE ORDER gets FREE matter how big or small it is! (That's what she said!)
I've also queued up a succulent amount of NEW goodies for the store which include more than FIFTEEN pieces of ORIGINAL ART!
Now's your chance to grab a one of a kind, totally original painting or illustration for yourself or that crazy friend of yours this Holiday.
So all you have to do is head to my store, poke around all the stuffing I've added, put it in your virtual shopping cart & upon checkout enter the discount code:
...then BURP!! You're done!
The discount code & print giveaway will only be available from tonight 12am Nov. 22nd until 11:59pm Nov. 30th. So you have NINE full days to take advantage of this.
Alright guys...THANK YOU & I'll see you sooooooooooon

October 24, 2012

Austin Comic Con ENGAGE!

Holy CRAP this year has flown by faster than the USS Enterprise at Warp 9!

Exactly a year ago I entered the convention scene with my first table in my home base at Austin Comic Con. I've since had a busy year & now I'm face to face with the geeky beast again! That's right, THIS weekend(ALREADY?!) is
& with that means great artists, outrageous costumes, adjustments of taped glasses & awesome celebs from all those shows we've watched with our eyeballs. Celebs like that guy who was Darth Maul, those dudes from The Walking Dead, that guy who played TV Superman & the WHOLE damn cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation!! Yep...even Wil "Leeches On His Balls" Wheaton will be there. But who cares about all of them when "THE (mother effing)SITUATION" WILL BE THERE dominating the Convention Center with his Majestic Abdominal Ray of Sexiness! Don't take my word for it, check out the ridiculous lineup of the peeps who are going to be there.
Other things that will also be there in awe of THE SITUATION's Six-Pack of Glory will be piled on my table. I'll have original paintings/illustrations, prints, posters, Monster MugShots & other things to hopefully make you happy. I'll also be bringing 25 of my SOLD OUT "oddities/deformities" art book which will ALL be signed & have custom sketches in em. FUN!

AND with the Con being only a few days before the coolest Holiday on the calendar, I thought it would be fun if YOU GUYS dressed up & I gave YOU a treat! So a fun, easy contest/giveaway crawled out of my head that I hope you ALL participate in! I've included a high res, downloadable image below. All you have to do is print one out & draw a rad mask on the kiddo! Con goers just need to bring it up to my table (#2219...ONE per person) & not only will you get a high five, but you'll also get something FOR FREE! If you're unable to attend, STILL draw a rad mask on the kiddo & post it on TWITTER, my FACEBOOK page, tag me on TUMBLR, email it, WHEREVERas long as I see it! I will pick my favorite of the designs, give you ALL mental high fives & then I'll send my original, ink illustration & other goodies to that selected artist. ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE IN BY NOV. 1ST! The wiener will be selected on Nov. 2nd. Now GO HAVE FUN WITH IT!!
In addition to this little contest/giveaway I'll also be having giveaways throughout the weekend via TWITTER for those of you going. So give me follow & win MORE stuff!
ALL of this (including my brother & I) will be at TABLE 2219 in ARTIST ALLEY all weekend long. I really hope to see your smiling faces there!

October 9, 2012

Trick 'r Treat YO!

Hey everyone! In case you've been wandering around in a daze for over a week it's THE BEST MONTH EVER INVENTED! Yep, not only was I unleashed into this crazy world this month some time ago, but OCTOBER also hosts the most amazing sights, sounds AND smells those other 11 months have been super jealous of their entire lives. But really ONE THING alone hoists October up on the tallest pedestal...HALLOWEEN! Costumes, candy, jack-o-lanterns, kids, tricks, treats, screams, scares, etc., etc., etc... BUT do you know where you can experience ALL OF THAT in under 2 hours including little dogs eating human fingers?!:

This already classic Halloween movie from 2007 takes the 'CREEPSHOW' & 'TALES FROM THE CRYPT' approach with four interwoven tales set on a dark, bloody Halloween night.  & lucky for you CITY BASE CINEMAS with BLOOD THIRSTY THURSDAYS in San Antonio is having a screening of it on Oct. 18th for your viewing pleasure! Not only that, but ARTOPSY PRODUCTIONS high-fived me with a request to create a LIMITED EDITION, 18x24 poster for the occasion. I of course said "YES!" in fear of SAM tormenting me on Halloween & this is what my excited right hand created:
So 70 of these will be released at the screening (which you can ORDER here & have them conveniently shipped to you for FREE) & I'll also have 30 signed AP copies which will be released at Austin Comic Con Oct. 26-28th. I'm super excited to do this, so please come to the showing &/or grab a poster for support & make this an ongoing thing! There will also be giveaways, a special menu for that evening & a lot more cool things planned for the screening...more info/TIX/etc. HERE!
UPDATE: These posters have LONG since sold out, but you can purchase an 11x17 art print of this at my online store HERE.

September 27, 2012

Pardee Picks on JUXTAPOZ

So a few weeks ago I was contacted by my high five buddy Alex Pardee letting me know not only about the issue of JUXTAPOZ he recently curated(go get this...seriously), but that he was also curating their WEBSITE for a month!  He sent over a questionnaire & simply said he wanted to feature me on their site.
I'm super excited & humbled to be included on the list of MANY crazy, inspiring artists he's showcasing.
& here's the said questionnaire he had me (& all his other picks) fill out. This also explains my retarded ALF illustration/post below:
Fun times!

September 12, 2012

Melmacianus Vermilinguas

"What type of animal is ALF?"

...that's a good question & I'm glad you came here for the answer.
People want you to believe he's an "Alien Life Form", but that was merely his role on the popular 1980's sitcom appropriately titled: "ALF".
ALF actually falls in the mammal species of the suborder: Melmacianus Vermilinguas.  With some relation to the Ant Eater, ALF is a Cat Eater, but due to our way of life & values, he is fed other food. ALFs have 8 stomachs & their heart is located inside their head. They can live extremely long lives as this particular ALF was born on October 28, 1756 & was named Gordon Shumay.
So there you have it...ALF joins the ranks of Lassie & Mr. Ed as one of the most famous animal actors of our time.
ALF - Melmacianus Vermilinguas

September 10, 2012

High Kicks AND High Fives!


It's that time of year again my fellow ninjas.
I've been busy with my bonsai garden & meditating in my local landfill catching ALL the flies with chopsticks the past few weeks.  "Why?!" you ask?  Well, ARTSLAM! is unleashing a flurry of high kicks & high fives THIS COMING SATURDAY in San Antonio by bringing back the kick ass:
Last year was definitely a (Sub Zero ice) BLAST & this event will be no different.  Great artists, a Mortal Kombat video game tournament, great LIVE music & MORE will be inspiring your eyeballs & earholes throughout the night. Last year I introduced my MUTANT NINJAS mini prints (which were well received & will be available again at this show) & I plan on completing the "MUTANT" family by painting their master LIVE at the show. Radioactive Radness!!
So make it a plan to infiltrate The White Rabbit on Saturday with your best kung fu moves & come karate chop my hand! More info over at ARTSLAM!'s Facebook event here.

Hope to see you this Saturday in San Antonio so I can deliver a "Daniel San(NOT Will Smith's son!) CRANE KICK" to your face for Mr. Miyagi's approval.


September 7, 2012

Hey you PINHEADS....

Happy Birthday to head cenobite DOUG BRADLEY!

Good ole Pinhead turns 58 today & to celebrate I'll be giving away my Pinhead Monster MugShot to TWO random winners. Instead of going to HELL to see him, he'll be shipped RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR!
Simply LIKE my Facebook page & share this &/or follow me on Twitter & RT to enter. Winners will be selected late tonight.
Cheers Doug...

September 2, 2012

My "Nightmarish World"

Hey friends!
Just a quickie to let you know I was featured over at JUXTAPOZ's website.

It's very cool & exciting for me, so take a moment to check it out & share with your friends, enemies & lovers!

August 17, 2012

We've Got Issues...AND Monsters!

Who in their right mind doesn't like taking a box of crayons or markers & going ape shit in a coloring book? The black & white pages scream for your interpretation of the world, be it purple & orange trees or a green dog with dark blue spots.  Staying within the lines on these pre-illustrated images is optional, & when someone has issues like myself, it's impossible. & speaking of who has issues:

"We've Got Issues" is Color Ink Book's 4th Annual Art Show filled with insanely talented artists from all over this colorful land called Earth that have graced the inside issues of The Bros. Washburn's periodical. Some of my favorite people will be contributing, so having the chance to create two new pieces to hang along side them made me more excited than The Pointer Sisters
So the show opens TOMORROW, Aug. 18th at WWA Gallery in Culver City, CA. They've already put up a preview of the amazing black & white art which can be viewed & purchased RIGHT HERE.  Here's a peek at my two illustrations:
If you're in or around the area definitely make it to this show.  & be sure to pick up a volume or 1000 of Color Ink's always quality stuff!

While I have you here I want to let you know about another show I'll be a part of next weekend.  Here There Be Monsters Con is a very new comic, gaming & collectible convention that's making their debut with a quick one-day setup here in Austin on Sunday, Aug 26th at the ND Austin. I'll have a table filled with prints & fun stuff & oh yeah...THIS con has a BAR!, so try to come high five me.  Like their Facebook page or their Events page for more info & updates.

Thanks friends!

August 6, 2012


Take your protein pills & put your helmet on because THIS weekend is:
Yep, Houston, TX, is hosting another convention that should be a total blast.  Not only will Tracy Hickman(co creator of DRAGONLANCE...the geeky, fantasy world I traveled through as a youngster)be there but super rad & Captain Kirk's hot kiss, Nichelle Nichols AKA Uhura will be making the Con a cooler place too.  Speaking of which, NASA's 'Curiosity' JUST landed on Mars a few hours ago & snapped the photo below which is my new print being released at the show..
I believe these will be crammed in the VIP bags, but you can also swing by my table & pick one up along with a complimentary high five. Where's my table you ask?  GREAT question & in anticipation of that question I made this magical map on where I'll be all weekend:
So I'll be awkwardly staring at Nick Pitarra from TABLE AA-6 in WOODWAY HALL II at the Westin Galleria with all the other drawing people. & the list of artists & creators is a great one.  Check it out here
Just like other conventions, I'll be taking commissions through out & having giveaways as well.  Follow me on Twitter for the FREE stuff announcements or just bring me a bag of Haribo Gummi Bears & I'll give you everything I own!
I'm super excited to be back inside you Houston since you were so nice to me at Comicpalooza. I'll be making this EXACT descent into the Space City this Friday...see you there amigos.

August 2, 2012

Another Horrific Birthday...

That's correct-a-mundo. Horror master & creator of TWO of the biggest slashers of all time is turning the magical 73 today.  So let's all sing "Happy Birthday" to Mr. Wes Craven!
In honor of his day of birth, I'll be giving away TWO of my Monster MugShots of said "slashers" via Twitter.  All you have to do is follow me & RT the giveaway info & you're entered to win! Allow Ghostface & Freddy to come to your home & do with you what they will...
This contest will ONLY run through today, so you have 24 hours to eat cake & enter to win one of THESE Monster MugShots:
We raise our goblets of blood to you WES CRAVEN for the inspiration & dirty knickers you've given us all! Thanks for the nightmares...

July 23, 2012

It's Creeping Up On You!!

Hello again creepers!
Just wanted to quickly remind you of Alamo Drafthouse's upcoming 'Terror Tuesday', Summer of '82 screening of CREEPSHOW on JULY 31st. This movie has been a massive influence on me & when Austin locals BLOOD OVER TEXAS asked to do a print for the show I got as excited (& scared) as Jessie Spano!  So YEAH... after jumping up & down for 24 hours, this is what my right hand created:

Now how do you get your right hand on this? Super easy & super fun: GO TO THE SCREENING!  BLOOD OVER TEXAS will be in the lobby where you can become a member of their amazing social group for FREE. Not only do you get cool swag, discounts & heads up on cool events, they'll be handing you a limited, exclusive 5.5"x8.5" print of my CREEPSHOW design FREE! There will only be 30 of these prints all hand signed & numbered & will be available at this show ONLY then that's it! There will also be giveaways for TWO 11"x17", signed prints & all you have to do for a chance to win one is GO!(& maybe answer a trivia question). The head honchos of BLOOD OVER TEXAS also flew in a special guest from the film (uncredited unfortunately) who plays a MAJOR role in one of the stories, so come & see who it is. & to do that you have to get tickets which are on sale NOW!! This show WILL sell out, so follow this link to Alamo's site & grab em as I'd love to see you there!  Remember...the first 30 people who sign up at B.O.T.'s table gets a FREE mini print.

I know a lot of you won't be able to make it to the screening & even though I'll feel very sad for you while you cry in a fetal position, I have some good news: I'll have my 11"x17" CREEPSHOW prints available at my online store right when the movie starts that night! That's right...on Tuesday, July 31, 2012 right at 10:30pm CT, you can head to my shop & pick one up.  It'll be just like you're right there watching the movie with us but nothing like that at all! Let's just make it a CREEPSHOW night everywhere shall we?
See You at Alamo Drafthouse Ritz on July 31st...let's definitely high five!!

July 18, 2012


So ARTSLAM! in San Antonio was a blast.  I painted one of my favorite "bad guys" that night: THE JESUS!:

He went to a good home too which makes me happy, but not as happy as seeing old friends & making new ones. Thanks to everyone who came out & of course to Deadbeat Hero who's always a mad genius organizing these shows...
The morning after I stuck around good ole San Antone to record a podcast over at UGHT! Studios.  Over our breakfast of beers, we discussed everything from Labyrinth, penises, Storage Wars, 80s Christian metal, art & MORE penises!  Give a listen if you want total nonsense crammed in your ears (makes for GREAT work out tunes too!)
Thanks to Rob, Johnny & Roger for the laughs & continue to listen to these guys...they're hilariously funny:

July 13, 2012

ANOTHER Friday the 13th?! Hell YES!!

It's Friday the 13th AGAIN! So you know what that means. Well, maybe you don't, but SOME of you do & you know that means another GIVEAWAY! BLOODY FUN!
Here’s your chance to have the star of Friday the 13th himself show up at your doorstep…for FREE!
All you have to do is follow me on Twitter & ReTweet the giveaway info & BANG(or HACKED rather)…you’re entered for a chance to win this signed “Monster MugShot - Jason’ trading card.
Winner will be randomly chosen & announced late tonight via Twitter. FUN!
Good luck & Happy Friday the 13th!

July 10, 2012

Bring on the Bad Guys!

Have you ever wanted to dump a toxic syrup in the water system to turn every person that drinks from the tap into a mutated army of deformed barbarians who then follow you in taking of the world? You HAVE?!? Well then THIS weekend you're ENCOURAGED to do just that(or something equally as villain-y) as the "Bad Guys" are welcomed & taking over San Antonio!  Yes sirree's another ARTSLAM!  & like Michael Jackson it's gonna be straight up BAD!:

There's gonna be a lot of high fives (with razor blades) & untrustworthy sneers this coming Saturday at The White Rabbit as the theme is "Bring on the Bad Guys!".  I have my flaming bags of poop & am already looking forward to what the artists come up with. I'd love to see your smiling faces there, so make it an evil plan to swing by for some great live music & rad live art.  I'm still not sure what I'm gonna paint that night, so I'll be requesting that every person there punch me in the face for inspiration. EVIL FUN! Here's the Facebook event with all the information. I'll be having giveaways via Twitter throughout ARTSLAM! so follow me & win some rad, bad stuff.

Wanna know about another super cool thing that's happening in a few weeks?  Well, Alamo Drafthouse's weekly Terror Tuesdays at The Ritz here in Austin is always a must attend night of awesome, but on July 31st they're showing one of the greatest movies ever made from their "Summer of '82" showings: George Romero & Stephen King's masterpiece CREEPSHOW.  That alone is worth admission, but this night even more horror will be crammed down your throats like thousands of filthy cockroaches.  Local, horror-based, social group Blood Over Texas will be there where ALL of you should sign up for membership & get amazing goodies & benefits. One of the goodies will be a signed, 11x17 'Creepshow' print drawn by my "Meteor-Shit!" infected hand created specifically for the screening! I'll be annoying you with another email the closer it gets & showing you the completed print, but I just wanted to give you a heads up.  These tickets will definitely sell out quick & since you guys are my favorites, I want you there to make me feel safe! So keep checking THIS PAGE for tix (they usually go on sale a week before the event).
Coolio...see you in San Antonio THIS Saturday...


June 20, 2012

Texas ComiCon Y'all! "INCONCEIVABLE!"

"Are there rocks ahead?"

"If there are we'll soon be dead."

...& the rockin' Con's keep coming.
I had a blast at Comicpalooza a few weeks back & especially enjoyed all the new friends I made.  But now I get to get excited about the new friends I'm going to make THIS weekend.  It's TEXAS COMICON y'all!
I'll be heading down to good ole San Antone with giddy high fives for those of you who dress as you favorite comic book freak(I'll even slap your hand if you're dressed as a normal person too!) & with that guy who played Westley from 'The Princess Bride' being there, YOU should have an "INCONCEIVABLE!", uncontrollable, giddy high five hand as well!
Like a fairy tale bromance, my buddy Fabian Rangel Jr. & I will be escaping the Fire Swamp to share a table covered with all kinds of cool eye candy from his amazing books to my disgusting scribbles. Follow this complex map to TABLE A-30 where we'll be in all our glorious glory:

Speaking of disgusting scribbles, I'll be releasing a new 14"x11" print straight from the Pit of Despair itself which will be spitting & exhaling sweet requests for you to take it home with you:
The Mouth Breather

I'll also be taking commissions all weekend long.  If you'd like to pre order one simply shoot me an email & let me turn a blank piece of paper into something you'll (hopefully) love forever. "INCONCEIVABLE!"
& of course I'll be having giveaways via Twitter through out the weekend, so be sure to follow for you chance to win some goodies.

"No more rhymes now, I mean it!"
"Anybody want a peanut?"